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[Resolved] Different height

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  • Plugin Author srumery


    Hello ehoever,

    There currently aren’t any settings in the plugin to alter for different devices or viewports sizes. It may be possible to edit the CSS on your site to override what the plugin outputs to the page. Are you familiar with editing CSS?

    Yes I am, but not so much with the different devices part of it.
    I’m considering leaving the fonts as they were.

    Plugin Author srumery


    With the idea of keeping the plugin simple, I don’t have anything fancy setup for different device displays.

    I would only suggest adding your own CSS on top of what the plugin writes to the page. There are plenty articles to reference but it could get tricky and may require a lot of time. You might fix it on the iPad and then it may not look good on a smaller form factor.

    Yes, well… Too bad for the iPad people 😉

    I really like the plugin though!

    Plugin Author srumery



    Send me a screenshot from the iPad and the url to the page so I can take a look at it. Also, screenshot the plugin settings so I can try and replicate it on another site using an iPad.

    I’ll see what I can do.

    It’s under construction, but:

    login: helper
    password: thanks


    iPad screenshot coming up (not my iPad)

    Plugin Author srumery


    After I login, it redirects me to the coming soon page without option to see anything else. I don’t really need to login but resend the request when the site goes live and I’ll take a look at it on an iPad then.

    View http://rumspeed.com/ on your iPad. If it’s doing the same thing, take a screenshot of the page so I can see what it’s doing. Without seeing an example of it, I can’t fix it.

    Oh sorry, I think you should see the page now.

    This is the iPad screenshot (I don’t have an iPad, so it took a while):


    Plugin Author srumery


    That screenshot is helpful. Thank you. I’ll run some tests on my end.

    Let me know when you launch so I can see everything going on with the site on the device. If there is something to fix, an update might be ready by then, otherwise I may be able to tweak it when it’s live.

    Thank you for letting me address this issue and keep in touch.

    Thanks. The website should launch this Friday!

    Is it not possible to edit posts here? I thought I’d remove the page link and login…

    Plugin Author srumery


    I can’t edit the posts. I think there is a 15 minute timeout for editing published posts. Just make sure to remove the user and you’ll be just fine. (I’m sure you have done this already.)

    Yes I have, but I don’t like this thread showing up when I google my website keywords 😉

    Plugin Author srumery


    I understand. Maybe there is a moderator that can help you. I wish I could.

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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