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[Resolved] Different header images for different categories?

  • Hi

    I have created two virtual blogs from a single install, using two basic categories and a menu link to each category. Now I’d like to have a different header image (banner) for each virtual blog — i.e., I’d like posts to show a different header image depending on whether they belonging to one basic category or the other. Can you tell me, please, if your plugin do this? I’m using WordPress 3.9.1 and my theme is Atahualpa.

    Best, Kit


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  • Plugin Author Ryan Hellyer


    The complication with doing that, is that posts can have multiple categories. You aren’t the first person to ask for this functionality though, so I wrote a separate plugin which will add support for grabbing the first category it reads in and using that. If you only set one category per post, then you won’t experience any problems. But if you have two categories, then you won’t have any way to choose which of those two is used for the header image.


    This plugin is not in the WordPress.org plugin repository, so you will need to install it the old fashioned way.

    Thanks for your reply. The new plugin looks great! With regard to the multiple category problem, would it be possible to allow the user to set which category the plugin should use, if there are more than one? With that addition, the plugin would do exactly what what I want!

    Plugin Author Ryan Hellyer


    That would add too much complexity for my liking. It would also require an extra database query, which I wouldn’t want to add for something so simple.

    Ah. I see. With the current version, if a post has only parent category, and all others are children, will the plugin always select the parent? That should do what I want.

    Plugin Author Ryan Hellyer


    It will pick whatever comes up first. It is possible to add in a check for parent vs child though.

    Is there any chance you might add the check, please? 🙂 I’m sure others would like to have a plugin with this function…

    Plugin Author Ryan Hellyer


    I don’t have enough to make another plugin sorry.

    I understand. Thanks for your replies. Best wishes!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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