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  • Would it be possible to show a different header image for each page and what would be the best way to go about that?

    Alternatively would it be possible to set a full screen background image for the whole page?

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  • Moderator Andrew Nevins


    Probably through CSS. You can identify individual pages through the <body> element’s classes. Then assign a background-image for that page’s header.

    This is a great plugin for full-page background images.

    You can identify different background image “sets” and choose which set you want to use on different pages. You can even have random pages rotate and different effects.

    @webmakerholly, great insight, I will try this one out for sure. I just noticed that the use of featured image doesn’t do it for you like it did in Twenty Eleven.

    So thank you for the advice

    @webmakerholly, OK it looks like a great plugin, but I actually mistook the advice for the Header Image and not the background image. I guess couple your response with that of the response from Andrew Nevins and it can all come to fruition.

    However, I’m trying to ensure that the tweaks that I make are as low tech as possible, which thus entails as much avoidance of changing the codes via Editor.

    In other words I will use Plugins, but prefer as much as possible not to mess with the code in the Editor (sometimes I will mess in there, but try to avoid it).

    Thanks though. I have another website where the plugin will more than likely find its great use.

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    YourWordpressFriend, as long as you make changes within a Child Theme or at least Custom CSS functionality like that provided by the Jetpack plugin, you will not compromise the theme.

    Thanks Andrew.

    Yeah, at this point I’m still just trying out 2012 as is, but realize that Child Themes can be the way to go (I use suvh for a bunch of other websites).

    The Jetpack I have actually still to try out. Never looked into it, eventhough it looks like there are some interesting elements there.

    Anything there I should have a look at in particular in your opinion?

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    Yes, Jetpack provides Custom CSS, where it provides an area in the dashboard to hold your CSS modifications.
    Normally I’d recommend this Custom CSS Manager plugin for the same role, but a couple of people have had issues with it. It looks like Jetpack’s best for this now, as it is developed by the WordPress team.

    Great advice.

    I was actually looking for where or how I could have my Custom CSS. If memory serves me correct one of my Studiopress had an area for this, but I believe the standard WP themes don’t.


    Couldn’t somebody write a theme structure where a new blank area is set up when a new page is specified? Then, going to that page specify color or jpeg background and also header or even other proprieties for that page of subject matter.
    Please give suggestions without rewriting the software if something is universal enough to accomplish this. I would thing this ability would be highly desirable for many projects and WP programmers.

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    Try posting this in the Requests and Feedback forum.



    Hello, does anyone know if you’re able to use multiple header images for Genesis Framework Child theme? I’m by no means a developer but while searching online I was able to add a featured image on the page that I wanted and modified the size to make sure it’s the same as the original but it still doesn’t show up. Thanks in advance!



    @kimarketing – this thread is about twentytwelve theme – so not relevant to your question. You’re also using a commercial theme, so you need to ask StudioPress for help with it.



    I used this plugin for that purpose…WP Display Header,
    hope help you too.

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