Different Footer Fonts between pages in default theme (2 posts)

  1. pcbill
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Does any one know why there is a difference in the footer font type and size between the index page and the single page when using the default theme as supplied?

    I had started modifying this theme and noticed it. I searched in the css for hours and I have not found what is causing the change. I installed a fresh copy of the original default and the problem starts there. It seems to get the size color & font type right up top in the body declaration. Changing this changes what you see but they are still different???
    If the stylesheet isn’t present the fonts and size are the same.



    PS – This is when viewing in IE6. Have not tried and other browsers.

  2. peiqinglong
    Posted 9 years ago #

    This can be a million things. First thing to check, at the very top, look for a * and see if it's globally declared. Then look for stacking orders.

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