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    The text area right underneath the top left logo needs to be #C3E54B instead of #FFF or #FFFFFF just like the Twitter and Facebook logo but the rest should be stay the same. I know a bit about html and css but using WordPress is a little new to me.

    Just on the main page. Thanks in advance!

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  • Looks like you want to do:

    .et-slide .description h2 a,
    .et-slide .description p {
        color: #C3E54B;

    Thanks for the quick reply!

    Ok that’s what I did in the .html file I saved to the hdd BUT someone elsewhere on the forum says not to mess with index.html or else wordpress wont work…

    I want to just ftp the the file but not mess up what’s already been done, joint effort, and would rather edit the code myself unless I can find out how to do this from within the program but in the program it doesn’t show index.html only index.php and a ton of other files and .css that I’m pretty sure aren’t needed.

    So, where exactly do I make that change to?

    Do not edit the theme files directly. You are using a premium theme by Elegant Themes (which is not supported in these forums, btw), so you can add that custom CSS somewhere in WP-Admin > Appearance > ePanel. I think there is a place for it under Colorization.

    Going forward, your Elegant-Theme-related support questions should be posted on this forum:

    We looked everywhere in the ePanel like you said and could not find Colorization, on the Mac or PC… as paying customers can we get someone to review this and make recommendations? We just optimized the graphics today since we couldn’t figure out the Colorization, went from 30MB to 4.25MB worth of images and the page loads much smoother.

    We are already working on trying to figure out what Elegant Themes we are actually going to be keeping on this site. Slight learning curve here. We are mostly satisfied with the service. Thanks again for the assistance.



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    These forums are FREE – and commercial themes are not supported here – you need to go to Elegant Themes for support. These forums are WordPress.ORG forums – which is not Elegant Themes forums – please see the link posted above.

    Sorry when I was told we paid for it, I thought that meant WordPress.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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