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  • Resolved andyjay83


    I saw that you were working on giving us the ability to send different emails to different order statuses. The drop down menu is there for this but I can’t select emails without it being applied to all of the other order statuses.

    Did you make this update yet or are you still working on it?

    Thanks for your time and for this amazing plugin! 🙂

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  • Plugin Author alexmustin


    Hi @andyjay83,

    Thanks for using my plugin!

    I’m still working on the update.

    I’m wondering if this is a conflict with other plugins, as I cannot replicate this — everything works as expected on my end.

    Do you mind listing out what plugins and Woo extensions you’re using?


    Hey Alex, thanks for the response!

    The only other extensions for woocommerce i’m using is the advanced notifications one.

    I will say that I am using a lot of other plugins for my site. I’ll try and deactivate them and see which is causing an issue!

    Hey Alex, I just deactivated all of my plugins and it’s still not working. I’ll have you know that my version of wordpress is up to date as well.

    I’m not sure why this is happening…

    Whenever I try to select a custom email, it gets applied to all of the order statuses globally.

    Very weird…

    Plugin Author alexmustin


    Ok thanks.

    I wonder if it has to do with the “advanced notifications” extension you mentioned?

    Well, like I said—I disabled all of my plugins and tried it again with still the same result.

    I’m not sure what’s going on. Is there something in the settings of your plugin that I need to adjust?

    Plugin Author alexmustin


    No there aren’t really any settings if you are currently able to set the message content.

    The plugin simply attaches itself to the built-in WooCommerce functionality that sends the emails. It goes chronologically through each product in the Order and checks to see if there is a Custom Email Message saved for it, and if so it spits out the Message wherever you specify. It’s pretty simple and straightforward so I’m not sure why it is incorrectly reading or outputting what has been saved.

    I’ll have to do some more research on my end.

    I also need a little more info:
    What kind of product are you applying this to?
    Is the product paid? If so, does your site use a Payment Gateway?

    The product is a paid product. It’s product data is listed as a “Simple Product”

    As of now, I haven’t registered a payment gateway to my site as I am still testing it.

    Through the testing I am applying a coupon so that I don’t have to use real money to test the email notifications the customer receives after submitting a payment.

    Could it be because I don’t have a gateway and because I’m using a coupon?

    I’m confused ! Is it possible to have a different message for each Order Status for the same product ?
    It does not seem to be possible right now. I’m using v2.1.4.


    Plugin Author alexmustin


    Hi @djsuperfive,

    Thanks for using my plugin.

    I am working on an update right now, which will allow different Messages for each Order Status, on each product.

    This has not been released yet, but should be coming out soon!

    Plugin Author alexmustin


    Hi @andyjay83,

    I will have to do some testing on my part to determine if that is the case or not.

    Thank you for providing your info.

    No Problem Alex!

    But yeah, what @ligne13 is saying is what I’m trying/hoping to do with your plugin.

    That would be so incredibly awesome. Hopefully it comes out soon!

    Hi @alexmustin,

    that’s great ! with this feature your plugin will be awesome. Can’t wait !

    @djsuperfive me too! This plugin is already so awesome. The update will make it NEXT LEVEL!

    Looking forward to it Alex!

    Plugin Author alexmustin


    Thanks, everyone!

    I just wanted to let you know I’m still working on getting this update out as soon as I can. Hang in there!


    I can’t wait! This is going to be of so much value to us all. Thank you for your continued awesomeness Alex!

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