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    I’ve already checked a lot of posts regarding this topic, but could not find the exact answer for that.

    I would like to have 3 different sites with 3 different themes under 3 different domain names (,,

    the only common would be the comments created by the visitors of the site.

    do I need the multisite solution, or only multiple installs of wordpress to different folders on the server?

    (also would be fine if I could use only 1 database, but I think also with separate installs I could do that as using an other prefix for table names in the database.)


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  • I was about to say use Multisite with Domain Mapping but…

    the only common would be the comments created by the visitors of the site.

    What do you mean by that?

    if somebody makes a comment on any post, I would like to be readable this at all 3 sites.

    ohhh… I’m just thinking of this situation as I’m writing… maybe it cannot be happen as all the pages and posts are also different, so no possibility to make connections with them?

    Dear Ipstenu!

    I’ve just tried to create a multisite, but there I’m not able to create a new site with a totally different “site address”, only I could enter a subdomain under my
    so maybe I’m on the wrong way?

    If someone makes a comment on a post, anyone who can see the post can see the common.

    Multisite is just running multiple SEPARATE sites with one install of WP. The sites are segregated in the database.

    To do domain mapping, you need to FIRST install WordPress, activate Multisite, and make a subsite. THEN you install domain mapping plugin and map the domain.

    unfortunately it cannot work:(

    after activateing multisite I’m not able to login to the new admin pages, in the login page if I enter the right user/pwd nothing happens. but still works with

    after installing domain mapping plugin, no change in this situation.

    neither I cannot add new domains in the settings-domain menü, I enter eny domain but after submitting no change at all, there is no domain in the list:(

    maybe would be better to make separate installations in totally separate www folders for the 2 domain names? any suggestion?


    Cart. Horse.

    1) Activate Multisite.

    2) Make a subsite and VERIFY IT WORKS.

    3) Map domains

    Of course step 3 won’t work if step 2 doesn’t 🙂 Stop screwin’ around with domain mapping. Step BACK. Look at what you’re doing 🙂

    Now. You made a subsite right?

    Does THAT work?

    so, I started from the beginning, because I made some mistakes…:(

    now I have multisite installed with subdomains. it is working with no problem, now I have 2 sites created for different subdomains as a testing.
    I installed the domain mapping plugin also, and I have the domain menu items in the settings.

    the nameserver and apache is configured for also for the same folder where wordpress is hosted.

    what to do now?
    – add new domain? (settings-domains): I tried, but nothing happened!
    – create a new site first for the new domain? (I haven’t tried yet, just better to wait for your answer to not make more mistakes:))


    Add a domain and point it at the site.

    At /network/settings.php?page=dm_domains_admin

    You put in the URL and the site ID.

    so I added a new domain with the link you said.

    ther eis a new site, with siteID=3 (I could do only this), and actually I’m not able to change the site ID, I don’t know if this is a problem or not.

    now I have problems with the SiteID, where can I find this? Because if I create a new site, I cannot find the siteID, and the other problem is that I can type only a subdomain with the ending of

    so I’m confused again, and unfortunately the manual of this domain mapping cannot help me, only you, thanks for that!:)

    You can’t change the site ID 🙂

    That will show you the IDs.

    Once you have that, again, go to /network/settings.php?page=dm_domains_admin

    Put in ‘’ – it can be ANY domain you want, promise, and then put in the site ID. Save. Done.

    That’s what mine looks like 🙂

    thanks! that was what I needed!

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