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  • Is it possible to use a different page than ‘index.php’ for the default WordPress installation, that is, rename it something like blog.php? I need to be able to load WordPress in the root directory. I have installed it in a subdirectory – public_html/wordpress/ – but I need to be able to have WordPress “work” in the root. I know that I can move the index.php and .htaccess outside of the WordPress directory into the root, but I already have a file in the root called ‘index.php’ that CANNOT be changed. I can’t call it ‘index.html’ either as it needs the .php extension. I’d love to just make the entire site in WordPress, but unfortunately I can’t. Basically I’m only using WordPress for a news section, and for a membership directory based on the Connections plugin. The rest of the site is entirely static.

    I tried searching the codex for ‘index.php’ but that won’t work, neither does ‘index’. The only Google result close is this: But I don’t want the index.php appended on, I need to use permalinks.

    Any suggestions? Could I use .htaccess to somehow redirect? Or can I edit WP’s code so that index.php isn’t the default?

    Such a pain :\ Wish I could just make the whole site in WP…

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  • So I gotta ask: What’s so special about the current index.php? Is it a landing page or something — you know you can do static front page with WordPress, yes? (and sky’s the limit with Page templates…)

    Well, unfortunately I’m the only member on my small team that knows how to work with WordPress. So in the future (or if I leave), should they need to edit the way the site looks, they’d have to find out how to use WordPress. Which they should want to do anyway, but I digress. The rest of the site is hand-coded HTML so that they can go in and make changes without my help, including the index.php. We’re only using WordPress for a possible news page and a membership directory. The site is for a Chamber of Commerce. Like I said, I’d rather do the whole thing in WP, but my hands are tied. I have created a static frontpage already and all works fine, I just wanted to see if I could utilize WP in the root WITHOUT it being called index.php. For instance, like if we were using a different CMS to run the site, but still wanted to use WordPress for something else.

    Well, you could use WP to write and store the articles and then pull the RSS feeds (with those articles) into your other non-WP site(s). There are lots of little gizmos out there that’ll do stuff like that — does that get you anywhere?

    Hm, that might help. I may look into that. In the mean time, I’ve just went with the static frontpage and moved index.php into the root.

    But I’ve already run into another instance where this needs to be done. We’re using WordPress for professors’ blogs on a college website, and the rest of the website runs on a custom-created CMS built by a former professor. It’d be nice if WP would make the entire thing function regardless of what you call the index.php. I don’t know whether it’d be possible, but, it’d be nice… in the mean time I’ve got to find a way to hack this together to work without messing with the index.

    Actually, maybe I’m looking at this the wrong way. This is what I’m trying to do on this other site (not my original one), but the problem was similar:

    We have WordPress MU installed at

    The individual professors’ WordPress blogs will be viewable at

    Is it possible to instead have the WordPress blog display at ? Even though WPMU ISN’T installed in the root?

    Maybe with htaccess? I’m not familiar with htaccess, still learning (I am a student), so I don’t know if this is possible. Tried searching Google but how htaccess works is confusing. This is the same problem I was having with the other site. I have WordPress installed at and I wanted the blog to instead be or something. I saw something about using mod_rewrite to change filename.php to look like a folder instead, so
    would become

    Is that possible? Hope this makes sense…

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