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    In my wordpress site 3.0.5 Church Theme, if I log in as admin and view the site while logged in in looks up to date, if I browse to it on another browser it shows the old version as it was over 2 weeks ago without any changes, if I then log on as admin in that browser and browse to the site it shows the most recent changes as it should look
    Also if I go to another computer and browse directly to it it still shows the old layout UNLESS I log in as admin and then browse to it again, any ideas on this would be happening

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  • I am not sure if it this has to do with your temp files.
    Did you make a fresh install of the new version or you just edited some things ?

    Basically all I have changed is the background colour, about 15 new posts with images have been added, everything new is being picked up by web spiders and search engines, eg my background is now green (for 2 weeks now)……if I open it up under IEv8 or say Chrome it will be black….the original colour, no new posts showing, I thought it may have been a caching issue so I deleted my cache files and refreshed them, this still shows weeks after updates have been made, in Firefox under admin it shows ok, any other browser except being logged in as admin is showing the header and description metadata as well in the title picture unless I log in as admin then it looks like the firefox default which is ok

    Sorry I don’t know what you mean by making a “Fresh” install of the new version………was 3.0 upgraded to 3.0.5 sites been running a couple of months without a hitch, just when I view it as I am always logged in as admin it is fine, but when I have asked my friends and colleagues to browse to it to show them, it looks old with no new updates which I have been working on, no extra ADs no language bar, no new posts? got me stumpt

    Cancel this post………….seems to be a plugin issue/conflict, disabled all plugins and now shows the updated version, will have to test certain plugins over the next few weeks, thanks for your input though

    Thanks; it cannot be cancelled; but

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Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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