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    Not sure if it’s easy to do, but having an option to be able to change the map pin colour depending on the type of location would be nice, e.g being able to show all outdoor events as say green and indoor as red

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  • Plugin Author Stonehenge Creations


    Hi David,

    No, at the moment the plugin is setup to use the same pin on all maps.

    What’s more, EM Locations do not have any option to classify them as in- or outdoors, so that would require custom coding anyway. šŸ˜‰
    So, I am now wondering how you would approach that. šŸ˜›

    Plugin Author Stonehenge Creations


    Hmmmm, this is actually an intriguing question… LOL.

    Would you show multiple markers (using [locations_map] ) or would this feature be for single maps (#_LOCATIONMAP) ?

    Hi Patrick

    To answer the first part, my inclination would be to add a Locations Category using ACF but that would only work for me, a better option would be to add something to the settings for each location so you could choose a colour (or even a custom icon and colour) per location, this would be amazing as you could for example show restaurants or bars on a map by including a knife and fork or a drinks glass as well as a colour which you might use as a guide to how expensive it is to go there

    As to the second part, I guess it has to be both, if you are looking at a single location then you want to be able to just show that one icon, but on the locations map you would want to be able to show say all the restaurants

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    Why would you use ACF if EM has Attributes? Those are custom fields as well and can be very easily called back within EM.
    #_ATT{field} for Events and #_LATT{field} for Locations. šŸ˜‰

    Technically Leaflet (the core of this add-on) can handle different markers on the map, so that’s a good start. I’ve been looking into is, and I think it would be doable using Location Attributes.

    Yet, those can be edited by the user in the EM Settings. So that is something to consider. šŸ™

    Force of Habit I guess I’ve left this project to one side for some time and had forgotten about Attributes in EM

    Plugin Author Stonehenge Creations


    Hey @david-279,
    How about something like this?

    It will default to the color set in the main settings, but I have also created a select dropdown in the Where meta box, so you can set the marker color per event.

    What do you think?

    I think thats an excellent and simple solution and will please a lot of people

    Plugin Author Stonehenge Creations



    I will test it and fine-tune for the next update.

    Sounds Good to me

    Plugin Author Stonehenge Creations


    hi David,

    I just released version 2.7.0 introducing the options to both select marker color and map style per location.

    Enjoy šŸ™‚

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