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  • I am at if you see the ABOUT page – you will see that I have added a snippet into the CSS section so that the “here” hyperlink is in orange. That’s alright because I was wanting it to stand out. But now when I click on the BLOG tag and it lists the blog posts … some of the blog titles / headings are in Orange and some in a Dark Gray – why is this? I don’t really mind if they are either colour here, but don’t like the inconsistency of it? Any explanations as to why there is some random colour thing going on here? Thanks,Greg.

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  • It seems all titles (which are links) are in orange..when you go to single post page it is gray which is not a link

    If you only want that one link to be orange then try:

    .page-id-84 a:link {
      color: #FFA500;
      text-decoration: underline;

    Thanks everyone especially @rdellconsulting once again. Actually what i am looking for is for all hyperlinks to be in the orange colour? Greg

    I thought that was where you started?

    a:link {
      color: #FFA500;
      text-decoration: underline;

    @rdellconsulting :yes thanks for your replie(s) … what I have worked out is that on my computer – what was happening was / is that is shows some links in dark grey and others in the orange and almost randomly so – also in the archive section. But when i viewed the site on my wife’s computer – they are all orange as I wanted? Weird? So now my next problem is … I check the site on my iPhone – and almost everything looks good and is responsive – but I have this weird thing now that the “feature” buttons on the home page are off in that that the symbols are not centered and when you scroll over / click it doesn’t zoom properly and is all “broken” … Any logical reason for this. Again, thank-you so much for your time!

    Did you read the @media snippet?

    Hi, yes just did – thanks. Its about 120 lines of code … Would I just copy and paste the entire code at the bottom of the CSS section? It would seem that the different section are code to adjust to all the different platforms out there be it iPad, Android, iPhone etc.

    What I dont really understand is that, for example on my wife’s iPhone 4, EVERYTHING responds perfectly all be it in a slightly different configuration (which I actually like), EXCEPT the circular feature buttons? Blog posts read well etc. Naturally i want the site and future ones to be able to be read across all devices / screen resolutions … Thanks, Greg

    I’ve given you all the possibilities I can think of, but you must make the call on what you need. May be simpler to cut it down a bit. eg Large screen-Tablet-Smartphone.

    Core customizr is based on Twitter Bootstrap 2 and I’d hope that it would be >95% workable out-the-box unless you customize.

    The slightly different configuration is probably the responsive code built into customizr/TB2 eg the 3-bar button.

    Thanks. It’s kind of frustrating designing on my laptop (Apple powerbook) – getting a look and fell that i want via (mostly) your additional inputs … and then after all that … finding out that it doesn’t work on certain platforms as imagined …I am moving from current host etc. cos their templates are not responsive … and a lot of people have shifted to mobile and tablet devices so i feel its important … Greg

    I’d agree. The general move seems to be towards bottom-up (ie small-large) design.

    Here’s a useful tool for helping to test responsiveness. Runs in a browser in Windows and Apple.

    Thanks @rdellconsulting. What viewport resizer tells me unfortunately, is aside from a straight forward computer screen, my feature page buttons are pretty much all out on every other device … does this now mean that I need to get rid of those buttons in total and think of another way to provide the links they currently do? Greg

    All out in what way? I can see they need aligning at the center so the white rings are centered, and that they appear in a vertical line on small viewports but sounds a bit drastic to get rid of them?

    Have you ever tried Google Analytics and measured your Visitors? Maybe 95% use laptop/monitors and no need for drastic action. What’s your target audience?

    Your site has a fresh look about it – shame to spoil it!

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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