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  • First of all I would like to thank to the author of this great plugin. What you did is just great!

    My question is (Im a kinda new around this “stuff”) how can i set different color for events in widget calendar?

    For example – good day will have red color
    bad day – green
    neutral – blue

    I would like to have just like in the calendar that events under group having different color but not in the widget.
    Can somebody please show me the way?

    Thx a lot

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  • You can make different categories like one for each day i.e good day,Bad day and neutral then assign different colours to them as while making a category you have an option to pick a colour.

    I hope it helps

    hey farhanfarrukh. I know that i can pick color for the category and it displays in the big calendar but Im talking about the widget/sidebar calendar 🙁

    but thx a lot for tip

    Hi RienraG

    You can’t colour the side bar widget unfortunately – part of the reason being that you can several events from different categories on the same day – in these contexts colouring the widget calendar would be difficult.

    I will look into it though, and I’m open to suggestions 🙂 (It could mean adding filters in to over-ride the default behaviour).

    Hello Stephen,

    thx for your answer. The thing is that I dont have more then one event on the day so it would be nice to have it like in the big one. Just like that – on the 13th i had a good day so the color will be red ( i mean that square will be red) and on the 15th i had a bad day so the bg color will be green or the color of the number might be changed. Just to define it only for one event/category. That would be really awesome 🙂

    sg like this

    Hey Stephen!

    Great plugin!!! Love it!

    I think it would be ok if the first event of the day dictated the color/ once the event is over the color switches– or if there were vertical stripes or horizontal stripes– or if somehow you could style a diagonal split so that triangular halves would do it.

    Also, it would be wonderful if there were a way to delineate the current day and past days visually (past days are a faded color, current day is bold– something like this).

    Cannot wait for the new view- love your plugin a lot.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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