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    I have put 6 posts with 5 featured images and publiced them.
    URI is:

    When I load the website in Firefox I see 1 circle with text (no image) when I hoover somewhere in the white I see the full colored circles, but I want to see them from the start of course

    When I load the website in Explorer 8 I see squares instead of circles

    When I load the website on my ipad with Safari i see everything just fine, six colored circles

    when I load the website on my main computer with Safari I see all circles in black and white

    I prefer to see all circles colored…

    What to do?

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  • Moderator Andrew Nevins


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    When I load the website in Explorer 8 I see squares instead of circles

    This plugin should fix that

    thanks andrew, I activated the plugin you suggested but unfortunately without result…

    Theme Author Caroline Moore


    Hi there. You can use CSS in a child theme or a CSS plugin (like Jetpack) to do this. I recommend using Firebug for CSS work–makes it much easier.

    IE 8 is not officially supported, so unfortunately I can’t help with that. You may have luck with the plugin suggested, I haven’t tried it myself.

    I’m not having issues with the demo ( on Firefox for either Mac or Windows. My guess is either your server does not support SVG graphics, or something in your CSS file has changed. In any case, removing the grayscale filter should fix that.

    To remove the grayscale, in your child theme/custom CSS, take all these classes and set their various filter properties (including prefixed) to none:

    .blog .hentry a .attachment-post-thumbnail,
    .archive .hentry a .attachment-post-thumbnail,
    .search .hentry a .attachment-post-thumbnail {
       filter: none;
       -webkit-filter: none;
       -moz-filter: none;
       -o-filter: none;
       -ms-filter: none;

    I haven’t tested it, but that *should* remove the grayscale effect.

    Thanks Caroline, with removing the grayscale, it works just fine now in Firefox!

    I have also find out that i have problems with the theme in different browsers. I tested it in mac and windows. It seems like the only one working like it should is mac/chrome. It didn’t worked properly on mac/safari, firefox and windows/explorer, firefox. I also searched entire support forum and didn’t find any useful help about this. Would it be better to wait for an update of some sort?

    Also i was testing it over xampp, if this could be the reason for different look of the front page?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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