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  • Please help – I’ve thrown in the towel!

    I just can’t get my template to work for Safari, Firefox and IE (6, haven’t tried 7)…
    I’ve built (what I think is a nice) template. It works perfectly with Safari, very well with Firefox, BUT, the layout is totally screwed with IE! I’ve changed it around a million times – every one yielding a different screw up.

    It is based on the default Kubrick theme – that works for these browsers. Why doesn’t mine?

    Here’s a to have a look for yourself.

    Please point me somewhere helpful before I jump off a bridge (and hopefully land on a MS VP’s head)…


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  • There’s a lot of information on what works and what doesn’t work in the various browsers on this site: Position Is Everything

    I would also suggest not trying to start with Kubrick if you’re going to modify a theme. There are just all kinds of issues with Kubrick.

    Take a look at You can search for themes that fit your needs. Look for one that’s close to what you want and then modify it.

    Making everything work in IE, Firefox, and Safari is not easy! 🙁

    But I have stuck with it and, basically just by trial and error, got a CSS that seems to work (reasonably well) for all! I’d be greatful if anyone checking out lets me know of any issues (and what you think of the site too).




    the columns don’t like right — aren’t the same length, or don’t appear to be. That might be helped by adding some sort of background color? You are aware that everything, page background, post content background, sidebar, is basically gray?

    You also have too many posts on the front page, even if you use faux columns to achieve an equal length, its going to look odd since there are so many posts.

    Other than than the length thing it looks fine – the gray even works, but I would still remove some of the front page posts

    Yeah, thanks for those comments. Have reduced the post count, but the column heights will always be different ‘cos each post’s content is different – right?

    With respect to making the CSS work for many browsers. It is still well hard! But nearly there. In fact, probably as close as I care to bother making it! So far my strategy has been two fold:
    1. Trial and error – just getting something to work by simply trying it out against each browser! It works, but it isn’t science.
    2. Keeping it simple. For example, only using .GIF images where possible as these work well for all browsers, whereas .PNG really ain’t that good in IE…


    i use <!–[ifIE]> to use a different style sheet for IE. That way, i design for standards compliant browsers like FF and Opera, and then make mods for IE, and my other style sheet isnt touched, and the other browsers still look perfect.

    I say we start a campaign to recommend firefox instead of the awful IE…maybe a site with buttons and banners and top members etc…oh wait…

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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