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    Hi Syed & team. First of all, thanks for this great plugin. I couldn’t agree more that all the other available social plugins are bloated, over-complicated and slow. (When I run page speed analyses and tests for clients, the top offender is almost always a social plugin.) So it’s great that people who care about things like that now have a better option.

    I just wanted to ask about a few differences that I noticed between the social bar that this great plugin produces — and the one on your site, which has:

    -a “comments” module (icon + # of comments) that appears on the far right side of the bar

    -vertical line separators between the modules

    -text style & formatting (the title’s font, size, line height, margins, padding, color, etc are all different than the default styling applied by the plugin)

    My questions are:
    1. Do you plan on adding the ability to include a comments module? And vertical line separators?

    2. I assume you styled the text to be consistent with the rest of your site’s heading elements (i.e. Oswald). For brand & consistency purposes, 16pt Arial may not work well on many sites — so do you think you might add the ability for users to customize the plugin’s title element from within the settings? (I don’t have a problem tweaking CSS files, but I imagine many users won’t be comfortable with it.)

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  • Plugin Author Syed Balkhi


    First of all, thanks for the very kind words.

    Yes, there are some stylistic differences between this plugin and WPBeginner mainly because we customized the bar for our needs on WPBeginner.

    1. Let’s start out with the separator. You can add this on your site by simply overriding the plugin CSS through your style.css file.

    2. To keep the plugin light-weight, we will not be adding any “style” options right within the plugin at least not for the foreseeable future. Because that is something that has a potential of bloating the plugin. If you want to customize the style, then again override the CSS from your theme’s style.css file.

    3. Lastly lets come to the comments button. Not everyone wants that which is why we took it off. I can say right now that it is further down the list. We might add email this // print this option because that is something I have had more requests for. However, we will give developers an option to filter through the output of the sharebar to add whatever they like. So yes expect more documentations from us 🙂

    Understood – thanks Syed.

    (PS: Go Gators)

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