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    Is there? Can you point me towards that functionality in the codex please so I can take a look? If you’re right then I fear that this makes this plugin near obsolete.

    One benefit of our plugin though is that the latest version allows you to set the resizing quality which WP may not.


    As soon as things come, they go…

    I found out about this option when I read the changelog of a plugin I use, Easy Fancybox.

    Because I had a question about what that has to do with his plugin, I started a topic there as well. He told me:

    Hi Willem, I found out that the function to scale down images according to the max sizes set on Settings > Media has been completely removed from the latest version of WordPress.

    You can find the posts here:

    Seems like your plugin is still worth it :-).

    I’m also planning to write about your plugin on my website (in development), for that article I am interested in what the differences of your plugin are with:

    – Resize Image Before Upload (
    – Imsanity (

    As you can read at the posts from the Easy Fancybox discusion I mentioned your plugin there that it works perfectly ;-).

    I would really appreciate If you gave me the requested information about the differecens, you can also send it to info[at]


    Plugin Author jepsonrae


    Oh well, that’s annoying. I very much would prefer to not have to resort to plugins for things like this, but I guess we’ll have to keep carrying on.

    So basically the advantage of ours is that it fully taps into the WordPress file uploading mechanism, blankly resizing all image uploads no matter where they come from – i.e. in a post editor, in the media library, or some other plugin like Advanced Custom Fields.

    Because of this, the plugin taps into fairly core WordPress API functions and so it is quite robust in that it should *fingers-crossed* work in all future versions of WordPress (albeit if they perform some massive overhaul to the uploading functionality API but that would break a LOT of plugins).

    And finally, our resizing takes place on the server as opposed to in the browser like “Resize Image Before Upload” does. This means that the server admin is in control of the available resizing functionality and so they don’t need to worry that their blog authors have capable browsers. I note from the ‘before’ plugin FAQs that it requires Flash to do the resizing which is not present on iPhones/iPads, isn’t installed by default on Macs, and can prove troublesome for a lot of people.

    One major disadvantage of ours is that it does require all the image’s data to be sent to the server – so if you have a 30MB image, you will be transfering 30MB; an advantage that the ‘Before’ plugin has over ours. However bandwidth these days isn’t such a huge issue, unlike server storage space which our plugin tries to resolve.

    The Imsanity plugin seems to do what ours does and more so we can’t really compete with that one – no point re-inventing the wheel so to speak. Our one was developed through a need to provide standard downscaling of uploaded images on client websites, no fancy options originally. And nothing decent was available that didn’t contain bugs. I do like their convert BMP to JPG though so may actually implement that one to save our customers from having to switch plugins if they like that feature. If we do that, the only difference is their bulk resize option which resizes existing images too.

    By the way, I found your image_resize() function and indeed, it’s been depracated as of WP 3.5. However, I don’t think it was used in the backend like our plugin, just it was available to use as a core function. We’ve implemented our own resize functions and so aren’t affected by its removal.

    Hope that’s enough info for you.

    Kind regards

    Hi Phil,

    That’s enough info, I can use it for the article, great!

    About the image_resize, I think you are right about that. Your plugin works when I let user upload an image through a form, I don’t think WP could have done that, because the way it work is that you manually had to check the box when you are in the screen for uploading new media.

    Thanks for your time and I will let you know when I posted the article.

    Kind regards,


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