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  • Hello,

    In parallel to my existing question and topic, I would like to know why there is a difference: when I serach for a theme, e.g. “Lazy Sunday”, the small picture shows a preview with the column and picture in the middle BUT when I click on it to develop it, the column and text are not in the middle, but all is on the left side, Is this something that can be controlled?

    If yes, which tags must I look for to make sure I can later move the column to the middle?

    I apologize in advance: Not only am I a complete amateur, but I also english is not my mother tongue – I still try to do my best and am grateful for your feedback!

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    Front-end developer

    You need to provide some form of visual aid for forum readers to understand your circumstances.

    Link to website,
    Screenshot, of code

    Thank you,

    so when you click here:

    the main part is in the middle, but when I click on it, to develop and see more of that theme, suddenly, it is left:

    This is one of the many questions i have BEFORE being able to chose correct themes: can I decide where my column goes (left, middle or right), meaning, do ALL themes permit that?

    P.S. Iam so much a beginner that I spend an affternoon looking up the signification of the features checkboxes to just understand the meaning… so there’s a lot ahead, but am willing to learn!

    P.S. Sorry, I’ll get clearer the more I learn: when I say “main part”, I mean column

    The theme’s main column should be centered. What browser/browser version/OS are you using? Does the demo look correct?

    And some themes (not all) allow you to control the placement of columns with theme options. This theme does not–it’s designed to be centered.

    However, you can customize just about anything about a theme using CSS in a child theme of your own.

    Ok, Iam panicking now: I did not even know how to respond to your question, as to the browser version… and had to google it!
    Iam apparently using google chrome 20 (if that helps).

    I have no idea how to integrate a child theme, even though I looked it up – thank you for answering though sixhours and for linking all the specific terms!

    I think there is a problem with lazy sunday, simple as that, because if understand right, it is fixed, so when clicking on the small thumnail that shows the column in the middle, in the full theme previex the little boat and the column clearly go left. In the demo you linked is a altogether different version (the third) of what I have seen so far, since the whole screen is filled with images…..

    Bottom line for that seems to be, I’d better tick ‘theme options’ in the filter when looking for corresponding themes to make sure I can place the column in the middle.

    I need a picture and text size (so column size) of about 17 x 10 cm, that adpats to mobile devices – some pictures (I choose) should fill the whole screen (maybe I can do that with plugins).

    Can I control the width of the colum and pictures in every theme?

    I feel quite dumb, because every one in the forum with questions seems to know what they’re doing, I have had a blogspot blog at some point, and set it up by myself…I have spent my morning going through learning technical themes but with knowing exactly how I want my site to look like, I have absolutely no idea how to get there – maybe I should just keep digging and continue asking in case I don’t find the answer…

    I think you’re mistaking the alignment of the picture in the demo with the theme’s main column. You can align the pictures and size them however you like no matter what theme you choose.

    Theme Options don’t guarantee you’ll be able to change major aspects of your theme and are different for each theme.

    Probably the best thing you can do is install the theme(s) you like and play around with WordPress. Once you better understand how the system works, you’ll be able to make small changes to get the results you want.

    Good luck!

    Thank you sixhours – I thought of just downloading and trying things out also, thinking some questions would solve themselves – but I didn’t want to download and than having to uninstall in case the theme is not fitting what i want.

    I’ll buy the name for my site and then try downloading the whitehouse theme – that seems quite ‘pure’ and what I want. The question remaining though: do you think I can ‘fit in’ pictures that take the hole screen when scrolling down, for instance used to introducee a subject (i’d write the theme on the photos) with a theme, or do I need to download a special plug in to do that?

    many thanks in advance!

    I think it depends on the theme you choose, and I think it will make more sense once you’ve had a chance to work with it. 🙂

    ok, I see your point.

    I will now wait until the registration of the name is through and then just jump in and try out Whitehouse –
    it’s very possible i’ll be back with questions – but at least they’ll probably be more advanced and i can be more specific with the proper terms 😉

    If you do have questions, please open a new thread and tag it with the theme name–this makes it easier for the theme author to offer support for that theme, specifically. Enjoy!

    Will do. Thank you sixhours!

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