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  1. Fran Carpenter
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Could someone tell me the difference between fluid, responsive & fixed layouts pleaseā€¦ just setting up a WP website for first time! Thanks, Fran

  2. Dee
    Posted 2 years ago #

    When we say that a layout is fluid or fixed, we're talking about what we used to determine its elements' widths. We call them fluid when we use percentages since this makes them grow narrower or wider when the screen's width is resized, and fixed when we use pixels for example, since that makes them stay consistent regardless of screen size.

    Responsive layouts are those which "respond" beyond merely adjusting in terms of width. Through media queries, the divs' (and other elements') widths, float direction, and other css styles could be changed in order to fashion the ideal way of presenting the information based on the screen size.

    Here's a nice video by Team Treehouse on the subject:


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