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  • I am understanding that .com is for the blog and .org for the website? If I were to start with .com for the blog, would I be able to then add the .org for the website later?

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  • aj2009,

    Yes you can transfer your free site to your own domain name.

    OK-I am not understanding. Free site to domain? I want to start my blog first-is that then later I want to add a website using understand the features for are much more. Or do I build both blog and website under one applicaton? is a free blog service that you can signup and have a blog instantly no installing and setup with they have in your account with some restrictions. is a same wordpress but you need setup the way you want on your own hosting account where you will have full control how and what you want to add no restrictions.

    thanks-i am trying to understand the difference btwn blogs and websites on wordpress?

    A website is any site on the internet. It might have static information for people to read, it might host videos (youtube) it might have a forum, it may contain a blog or it could be almost anything. Website is a generic term.

    A blog is a specific type of website or often just a small sub part of a web site and .org are just different ways of doing the same thing. Both of them will allow you to create a website or a blog but each is aimed at a different type of user. is a free blogging service. You sign up for an account and your blog is hosted at, along with all the other blogs there. It is quick and easy to register and you don’t need to set-up the wordpress software but there are restrictions/limitations on what you can do. For example, there is a limited selection of themes that you can choose from in order to change the way your site looks. you can’t add additional themes or create your own. .com is primarily for people who just want to get on and write a daily/weekly blog, without too much customisation or bothering with technical issues. is for users who want more control. It allows you to download the wordpress software and install/host it on your own server (either your desktop or a server provided for you by a web hosting company). You can create more complex websites because you can enhance the wordpress software with lots more themes (change how it looks) and plugins (change how it functions/add new features). It provides greater flexibility and control but you will need to know or be willing to learn the things necessary to get it running.

    Note: some web hosting companies offer a “one click wordpress install”. This is basically the .org wordpress but with an easy set up option. The web host has created a system that will set up the wordpress software for you through their control panel. You are then free (usually) to customise that using themes and plugins. However you need to check this as some hosts may place restrictions on what you can do similar to

    Thank you very much-I do know the difference between blogs and websites (blog as a sub of website etc.) but what I don’t get is how that reflects with wordpress? I am planning to start with a blog as I understand it is simpler and then implement the website later. So my question is when I download and get started will it take me to various options ie to set up a blog or a video or a website?

    I am looking at my domain names and wondering about search engines-if one of the domains (for my blog) has the main keywords but the domain for my website doesn’t-will my blog be searchable and then linked to my website from the blog link?

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    You can point a domain to and later change that to pint to your own self hosted install.

    SEO metrics don’t have any real difference between .org and .com, it’s just what YOU want. If you wont to self host, go for it. If you don’t want the hassle, use .com. Both are perfectly acceptable and functional.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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