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  • When I use the built-in “export” tool, does the resultant backup ‘.xml file’ have my mysql tables/databases in it? I want to make sure i’m backing up as solid as possible! Am just starting to use this ‘duplicator’ plugin!

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  • No they’re different.
    Try using a few other db backup plugins?

    Check out:

    Is there just a single one I can use that’s all-inclusive? Seems redundant to use multiple backup/archive programs, no?

    Is there just a single one I can use that’s all-inclusive?

    Depends on what features you want, etc.
    Have you tried searching for backup plugins in the WordPress plugin repository?

    I want my site backed up as completely as possible.
    I’ve tried export tool and am trying to setup this ‘duplicator’ plugin right now, but don’t want to waste time with it if there’s a more comprehensive tool for this. What’s the best / most-complete backup plugin?

    Okay this is driving me crazy! I’ve downloaded and played with this:
    And, while it’s a simple 1-click backup, and that creates my ‘.sql.gz’ file, I cannot get that file to import to hostgator! I cannot use wordpress’ built-in import feature (because this is a ‘sql’ file, not an ‘xml’ file), and if I go to phpmyadmin, and try to import the sql through there, it just tells me:
    SQL query:

    — Table structure for wp_commentmeta

    DROP TABLE IF EXISTS wp_commentmeta ;

    MySQL said:

    #1046 – No database selected

    I don’t know what I’m doing wrong! Is there really no ‘plug/play’ way to just backup my site?? This is crazy!

    MySQL said:

    #1046 – No database selected

    Make sure to first SELECT a database from phpmyadmin before importing the file.

    I don’t fuss around with any plugins when i update.
    I copy the entire site directory to my disk, then login to my hosting cpanel, go to PHPmyAdmin, select the database needed, and export it via both CSV and SQL.

    Fully backed up – Done

    If you need to restore a backed up version, you overwrite all the site files, then overwrite the database through phpmyadmin, and done

    Rajesh- Where is the option to select though? I’m just staring at this and cannot see it!! I go to phpmyadmin, click the ‘import’ tab, adn there’s the page where it has me select my .sql file – only when doing this, nowhere do I see an option to select anything (I imagine you mean I need to select the database that I want the .sql imported into, right? Should I re-name the database/sql I’m moving, to the same name as the table i’m trying to move it into?)

    scattered- does that copy/backup more, or less, than using the standard ‘wordpress export’ feature?

    OH! Scattered- does that way save my plugins/etc? Or, if something happened and the site went down and I had to restore from backups, would it only be my content (and not, for example, buddypress or akismet)?

    The settings of those plugins are stored within their respective files and associated database tables – so if you back up ALL of your site files, and ALL of your database tables – you lose nothing on a restore except anything done AFTER the backup was created.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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