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  • I’m creating addition user roles through a plugin and I’m a little curious what the difference between the add_users() and create_users() capabilities are.

    Specifically, I’m attempting to give a user role the capability to create (or add!?!?) new users, but not as administrators (everything I’ve tried thus far allows them to create new administrator roles, which kind of defeats the point)

    Also, I know of the various plugins that could do this for me, but in the interest of self-improvement and knowledge gain, I’ve got no interest in using them.

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  • Use this plugin User Role Editor instead of any other else.
    This plugin allows you to create many role/user group as like as Administrator , Editor etc. You can give access to the group.

    I appreciate the help, but the question still stands

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    IIRC they’re the same thing, but one came from WPMU and one from WordPress regular.

    create_users seems to be the one used by WP.

    ‘add_users’ is not actually used anywhere in WP, it’s only added as a default capability.

    So, when developing for WP (don’t know about WPMU), use ‘create_users’

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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