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  • seefood


    right-to-left languages are tough. So tough in fact that there’s an excellent translation of WP to Hebrew but it’s so different it requires a branch of some of the code.

    The problem is updates are not fast. I’m still running 2.0.5heb and 2.0.7eng is out. I wanted to run diff and see if I can fix up the Hebrew version myself, but the static.wordpress site does not have 2.0.5 and so I can’t get a simple list of the real changes so I can fix it myself.

    A. keep the archives up-to-date.
    B. see if you could publish DIFF patches
    C. Maybe work with Ran Hartstein about ways of assimilating the Hebrew into the main branch

    Thank very much in advance

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  • moshu


    There is a mailing list for translators, maybe you can get help there:



    not a bad idea, but still, what about keeping up to date? is there a CVS or SVN where I can check out an older version? […]

    much appreciated!



    Go Downloads and click around on the left menu… a lot of info about how to follow the changes, nightly builds etc.
    For some of them you need to subscribe to mailing lists.



    Here’s what I’ll do (tomorrow, because it’s after 1am).

    since static.wp doesn’t have 2.0.5 I’ll find out when 2.0.5 was released and download the “daily build” for that day (I hope it’s not alpha code for 2.1!)

    I’ll diff it from the 2.0.7

    I’ll test if the patch works on the 2.0.5 Hebrew branch without hunks failing, which I will fix by hand if needed.

    anything flawed with this logic? I’ll do it in about 8-9 hours, please enlighten me if there are other suggestions.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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