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  • Well, i’m not sure how much of a fix this is but it works for me. At least, I don’t get the errors anymore.

    The file you need to edit is

    < TRIM(LCASE(user_firstname)) = TRIM(LCASE('$author')) OR
    < TRIM(LCASE(user_nickname)) = TRIM(LCASE('$author')) OR
    < TRIM(LCASE(user_nicename)) = TRIM(LCASE('$nice_author')) OR
    < TRIM(LCASE(user_description)) = TRIM(LCASE('$author')) OR
    < (
    < LOWER(user_description)
    < '(^|\n)a.k.a.( |\t)*:?( |\t)*',
    < LCASE('$reg_author'),
    < '( |\t|\r)*(\n|$)'
    < )
    < )
    > TRIM(LCASE(user_nicename)) = TRIM(LCASE('$nice_author'))
    < user_firstname='$author',
    < user_nickname='$author',
    < user_description='$author',

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  • Above didn’t look too readable here, so I’ve pasted the whole file at Pastebin.

    There is a download link at the end.

    Hey Beer, I’ve been looking high and low for an update to this for 2.0. Your post at the link above is cutoff after line 1637. Same with the .txt download.

    Any chance of another download opportunity for the entire script/text?

    Sorry. I guess it was too long. I am now only showing the function that needs the update.

    New link below, find the function and replace it with this one.

    Thanks Beer, will give it a go!

    Hey Beer, you are “the man!” I’m new to wordpress and the feedwordpress docs are overwhelming, but after a little time and your updated code for feedwordpress to work with WordPress 2.0 above, it’s working like a charm!

    My first feed is coming in perfectly and about to add 2-3 more feeds for my first “auto-blog!” Would definitely buy you a beer for this fix, many thanks!

    is anyone else having problems with feedwordpress not copying across the categories from the parent feed, with or without this fix?

    “is anyone else having problems with feedwordpress not copying across the categories from the parent feed, with or without this fix?”

    I cant seem to get it to work with categories either.

    I made a archive of the plugin with Beer’s fix:

    Hi Beer

    Was hoping for a steer in the right direction. My feed wordpress script is working – finds feed and pulls in details ok.

    But my update-feeds gives a 404 error whenever I run it. Have upgraded to WP 2.01. Installed the same configuration on two different hosts exactly the same problem.

    Did you make any mods to update-feeds to get it going ?

    Brian has a complete archive of the fixed FeedWordPress that should work with WordPress 2.0.


    Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank You

    You’ve made an old man very happy

    (I should get out more !) 🙂

    Very Best Regards
    Brian Pratt


    First, thanks for posting that file!

    I’m wondering though, what is the optional folder for the rss-functions.php file? Do you know what the changes to that file are?


    right, can anyone get categories to pull through? still not working with Bear’s fix and wp 2.0.1 for me.


    Feedwordpress is not pulling from subdomain on the same site.

    We have two installs of wordpress, one on a subdomain and one on the main domain. We want to feed the main domain install, but it won’t work.

    We need to pull from subdomain blog at to

    Feedwordpress works fine pulling the same feeds to other domains.

    Any know issues or reasons?

    I don’t know if this is your issue, but I seem to recall certain hosting companies having problems with php scripts on a domain accessing that domain, or subdomains, or other domains on the host/server… just fyi.


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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