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    Woo has a page for Paypal payment method comparisons here:

    In reading this page, I cannot tell a difference between Paypal Exprss Checkout and Paypal Standard. Standard is included with Woo, while Express is a commercial extension. I currently use Express on a diff shopping cart and the way it works is, the customer clicks the button at checkout, and it directs them to Paypal to sign in, select payment method, etc. How is Standard different? Do I need to use Express or will Standard do the same thing? I wrote to Woo about this, but they don’t seem to have a clue about it…

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  • Roy Ho


    I will explain how it should work in the side of Paypal. Not WooCommerce because each e-commerce plugin creates “their” own version of how it works.

    But as far as Paypal’s concern and how they designed it to work is as follows:

    Paypal Standard: You go through your normal checkout process entering all your information such as billing and shipping and click “checkout” and it takes you to Paypal’s site where you can pay.

    Paypal Express: You don’t need to enter any billing or shipping information (hence “express”). You can click the Paypal Express Checkout button, and it will take you straight to Paypal where you login and pay. Your billing and shipping associated with your Paypal account is then passed back via IPN to the site so it is logged into the sales log.

    That is the difference between the two.

    I see, they both accomplish the same task, just Express lets them skip entering their info in the shopping cart and gets it from their Paypal account. I wonder if I really need the Express checkout then. Both methods require that the user actually have a Paypal account, correct?

    Roy Ho


    No, only Express needs you to have Paypal account. Standard does not.

    So if I have a standard merchant account, I probably don’t want to use Paypal Standard. I’ll stick with Express for those who want to use their Paypal accounts. Thanks for clearing this up for me.

    Roy Ho


    Well I think the important thing here in regards to express is does it work properly. The reason I say this is I have seen other ecommcerce plugins that does not implement this properly. I am not sure about WooCommerce as I have not looked into this with their plugin. So you should make sure first because you start using it.

    There’s one on codecanyon too. I wrote to the developer about his SIM extension, it’s updated for Woo 2.0, waiting to hear back from him about his Paypal Express Checkout extension:

    The bottomline is some people (and I have heard from them) do not like to have to fill in their personal details on a website and choose to go through paypal express to avoid having to do it.

    Using it will not only speed up the sales process because the customer does not have to fill in a woocommerce information page (have you done this? any error means you start over) they can purchase without giving you their personal details. Some folks still do not trust online shopping and stick to the Paypal express method

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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