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  • Hi,
    Im totaly new with WP and I want to remake my website using WP as a core but to do this I need to find a way to put 7 languages (english/french/german/italian/portugues/spanish/chinise) from my old website (static), on a way that if you select a languages (small flag/word) all the page will be on this language (Include link Menus) 100% traslated and if you click on a menu it will bring you to the next page/article on the same language. Im not looking for automatic translation because I have friends that will made the translation for me of all the website+each article/news. And I dont know if there is a way to this becouse I dont want to intall WP 7 times (one for each language is just not the best)

    I think this can be the best next feature for this amazing aplication. Thank you again for your hard work.

    I hope this will be a feature for the next version or a MOD/PLUG-IN because several people now wants to have at list 2 languages on a blog or a website on Europe most of the people speak more then one language and to have a world wide news/blog this is the missing feature.

    The World’s Most Widely Spoken Languages
    Chinese* (937,132,000)
    Spanish (332,000,000)
    English (322,000,000)
    Bengali (189,000,000)
    Hindi/Urdu (182,000,000)
    Arabic* (174,950,000)
    Portuguese (170,000,000)
    Russian (170,000,000)
    Japanese (125,000,000)
    German (98,000,000)
    French* (79,572,000)

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  • -Here you have the translation only for the news but the menus stay the same:
    If you choose a langua all the news on the front page at tranlated if you pick a news and you choose read more you go to a webspage with the 2 languages on the same page, it willbe better if you can read the same laguage that you already choose. And I want to say that this guy made a great job with his solution but it can be improve on WP

    -And here you have all the languages on the same page

    The best solution is myke a Detection of the laguage on IE6/Firefox server side and then redirect the browser to the right language of the Blog/news where all the infor is on this language. (just an idea)

    > The best solution is make a detection of the laguage
    > on IE6/Firefox server side and then redirect
    > the browser to the right language…

    I do not think so.
    I’d prefer the “old” way: the page opens just the same for eveybody, and then you choose where to go. That way you get a much more consistent experience. I know, the server could do the “magic” for you, but the “manual” way is better, actually. Many are the reasons for this.

    well that depends of you, any way the most important is
    1)That the user can choose his on language and after
    2)The site can remember what he choose the next time he is back. (cookie maybe)

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