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  • I like many of WPMUDev’s plugins (though definitely not all) but this one just didn’t quite do it for me. I like the idea of the plugin, however, I just couldn’t get it to work properly on two different themes. It seems pretty buggy to me, though maybe it is just my themes or the combination of plugins I use. Not sure though because I rarely have any issues installing other plugins on these themes. Either way, it didn’t work for me and I tried to get it working by disabling plugins, trying the different themes, etc. Maybe you will have better luck with your theme/plugin combination than I did.

    If a plugin doesn’t work for me pretty much right away look for alternatives. I ended up using rtMedia, albeit it costs money, however, it does image stuff well and they have a ton of addons (though can add up quick). For example, to get the functionality of URL preview in activity stream had to buy their addon but it works great. I also use BuddyBoss’s Wall plugin for Facebook like functionality (that parts works fantastic!) and it also allows url preview/image in activity stream. For images, they have a separate plugin for images that you will need in addition to the wall plugin. Only thing about Buddyboss Wall plugin url/image preivew feature is it stores images on your local harddrive and they don’t auto delete if a user deletes activity from the feed (UPDATE: Now they do!). Sucks cause the typical WordPress install has 5 to 9 images or more. Had to disable it, hence I ended up using rtMedia’s addon for URL preview in activity stream (Not anymore since BuddyBoss Wall fixed the issue) which doesn’t store images locally but instead uses the images from the linked website.

    As far as this plugin, I would recommend you look elsewhere, I think there are better alternatives like rtmedia.

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  • Plugin Author Bojan Radonic – WPMU DEV Support


    Hey Mark,

    Sorry for the late response and thanks for taking time to write a review, we really appreciate the feedback.

    Normally theme compatibility is not something we can easily predict, conflicts are something that needs to be investigated and worked on. As for other feedback I’ll definitely pass this to our marketing team 🙂

    Thanks again,

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