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  • Plugin Author John Clause


    Would you mind to share what exactly did not work? Did you submit a ticket on the forum?

    In general, 1-star for a reason “this does not work” can only make sense if it did not work under a standard theme with no other plugins. I am sure this is not your case. Anything else can be a problem of either the theme or other plugins, which needs to be investigated.

    Are you aware of that it is not possible for an ML plugin to be compatible with all the themes and plugins right out of box, because it needs to know which fields are supposed to be multilingual, and that is impossible to know a priori in a general case?

    Although qtx makes pretty good guess on that, covering most of the standardly developed themes and plugins, there are still many themes and plugins which would not work right out-of-box. However, the information needed on which fields need to be multilingual can be provided through a configuration file, as described in Integration Guide.

    I am sure, whatever did not work for you can be integrated via a correctly designed .json configuration file. You may also submit a request for a job for a particular integration.

    Plugin Author John Clause


    Hi @foreverlearning, I am trying to make sense of your short comment, and it occurred to me that what you meant is that plugin did not translate your content, is that right? Please read the description then, it says in 5th paragraph: “The plugin does not currently offer any kind of translation services.”

    This means that you had tested what plugin is not designed to do.

    Please, remove your review, as it is completely irrelevant then, and is not helping other people in any way, but just distract them and brings the statistics down for no fair reason.

    You may remove it through this link. Thank you!

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Forum Moderator and Brute Squad

    *Reads. People really need to take the reviews less seriously. Has coffee.*

    @johnclause Please do not write that people can remove their reviews. That’s not the case. They can update their review if they choose and that’s different.

    Plugin Author John Clause


    Ah, sorry, I thought if they remove text, clear title and press “Post”, then it disappears, one guy told me. Anyway, thanks, will know now.

    take the reviews less seriously

    I know if somebody reads such silly review, then it actually works as an advertisement to our advantage, with no harm. However, it brings the stats down, and stats is the first thing people look at. Oftentimes, stats is the only thing people look at.

    I think it would be fair to remove reviews which do not explain what the problem is. “didn’t translate content” can be anything, including that person simply did not understand what plugin does and did not even care to read the description attentively enough. It is not helpful to other people in any way, just shows how irresponsible and careless the author of review is.

    The thing is that we were getting close to having 5.0 out of 5 in stats 😉 , it is 4.9 now, but with two recent 1-star reviews, 5.0 is now practically unachievable. Both 1-star things are meaningless like this one. If people read them – no harm to us – but 5.0 is now very far away. That is why I am disappointed 😉 If we were in the range of 4.5 or less, I would not care that much. There is a huge difference between 4.X and 5.0. Since it seemed to be possible to get 5.0, I wanted it 😉

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