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  • I installed this plugin in order to update all of my amazon affiliate links to a new associate ID. The search part worked fine and found 2002 items that needed to be replaced, but refused to actually change them for me. Just kept going to a blank white screen no matter what I tried. I ended up uninstalling the plugin and finding “Better Search Replace” which, as it turns out, was better! Worked perfect, replaced all my ID’s with my new ID and everything is fine now.

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  • Rongo


    This used to be such a useful plugin before they removed the ability to actually write the changes to the database.

    Thanks for the tip on “Better Search and Replace”. I’ll advise the companies I work with to give that one a try instead.

    Plugin Contributor Rene Reimann


    Hey @rongo & @delectual,

    rongo sorry but you are wrong the plugin will save changes directly to the Database but only things thy can’t destroy your self!

    Rene, no, I am not wrong. I wanted something simple to let me do a search and replace for http to https. Your plugin USED to let me do that. Older versions of your plugin work.

    I understand you want to make sure no one can screw up their install. But that’s the entire point of the dry run. If anyone uses the plugin and doesn’t back up their db first, then that’s their own fault. Even adding a prompt for “Are you sure?” would be better than requiring a table prefix change, export and import procedure.

    Consider this. You have removed the functionality from this plugin in order to prevent the less technical from destroying their database. BUT, then you expect them to have the technical knowledge to change prefixes and do import / export functions. It’s flawed logic.

    This plugin used to be very useful for the technically inclined and/or developer who did not want to do a series of command line SQL queries. I assume your target demographic is/was this one.

    The dry run is a fantastic addition. The lack of functionality to make any real changes, such as URL changes, is prohibitive. If I have to change table prefixes, export and import, I may as well just do it via the command line. And that’s exactly what I did as your plugin now is prohibitive to making any real changes.

    Your older version, Version 2.7.0 (authored by Frank Bültge) allows people to do what they expect to do, search and replace whatever they want — at their own risk. And it’s the one I recommend people use who still want a fully functional utility.

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