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  • BruceInLouisville


    Was looking forward to trying this out, based on the description. Installed it, and went to add a featured image. Clicked the link in the editor – no response. Clicked the link a second time, and got the “add image” dialog, except the only tab showing was the Upload Image tab. No other tabs, and no sign of Unsplash.

    I use Newspaper 10 theme, and the classic editor. Perhaps it doesn’t work with the classic editor.

    I have deactivated it for now, and may try more troubleshooting (deactivating other plugins) to see if I can get it to work. So, three stars for now.

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  • Jeff Paul


    If you are running PHP OPCache, you will need to enable ‘save_comments’ in the php.ini configuration file and then restart PHP.

    To do this, have your host set opcache.save_comments = 1

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    I think it works by giving you a special image block, in addition to the standard Gutenberg image block, which connects through to the Unsplash library. If you have the Classic Editor plugin installed you’re basically blocking WordPress from giving you _any_ of the Gutenberg blocks, including this extra one. I don’t see how it can work unless you deactivate that plugin…

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    Good suggestion on the use of a block. So, more experimentation.

    Plugin on, classic editor:

    • Works in the “add media” dialog. Adds a third tab labeled “Unsplash,” from which you can search.
    • Bumps the Stencil tab out, though. (Takes its place.)
    • Still presents only itself in the “Set featured image” dialog (blocks Upload, Media Library, and Stencil).

    Plugin on, Gutenberg editor:

    • Provides a new Unsplash block, which then gives the search dialog. Works well for that.
    • Exhibits the same behavior in the “Set featured image” dialog, presenting only itself.

    If it played nicely with the Stencil tab and the Set Featured Image dialog, I would leave it turned on. As it is, though, I can just go to the Unsplash site, for as little as I use images from there.

    A bug fix for this in works for version 1.0.1. Once this is release, can you update and test again?

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