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    I have migrated at least 30 sites. I thought I’d try an easier way, but this was the most labor intensive way I’ve ever used. But I hoped at least things wouldgo smoothly since I painstakingly followed all the steps and got clear go-aheads.

    Then when I get to the end, error, can’t find index.php. The forum has several people who have had the same problem and support tells them go back to the build log page – which is gone by the way since I needed to clear out the directory for a clean install, which you have to do unless you pay for the pro version. Oh and support for non-pro users can take two to three days. Sorry we hosed your site but it’s the weekend.

    I have to go back and simply install from a backup, Wish I’d just done it that way to begin with. Way easier.

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  • Plugin Author Cory Lamle


    Hey @jtdataworks,

    Sorry, you ran into issues! We didn’t see any requests for help in the forums or from the help ticket system. The installer log should still be available at this location:

    wp-snapshots/installer/ directory

    Additional details are here. While support can take a few days especially during busy peaks or over the weekend, we do tend to get to most peoples questions answered within 24 hours, which is pretty good for most free plugins.

    As with any migration plugin we always recommend to perform the move in a safe sandbox area first to make sure things go smoothly, this way any issues can be worked out safely and you don’t run the risk of having any install issues or a site going offline. The plugin has a very good track record and over 1 million active installs so it does work 99% of the time and most users who run into issues and reach out we can typically get going.

    Moving a website requires millions of different combinations and not every single one we can always be accounted for. In most cases, we can get people up and going with a little patience. Hope you can reconsider your vote, feel free to reach out via the ticket or help system if you want.




    Thank you for responding.

    I did go to the support forum but I read before I posted that I could expect 2-3 days response time for support if I wasn’t a pro member. I couldn’t wait that long. I just did it another way and had it completely done in about an hour.

    I see you have many good reviews and I’m sure they are deserved – it is why I tried the plugin. But the free version wasn’t any easier or faster for me than other methods I’ve used, plus it failed the import on my client’s site for whatever reason. 🙁 It’s an honest review. People need to hear the bad experiences as well as the good.

    Plugin Author Cory Lamle


    Thanks for the feedback! Hopefully, in the future you can give it a try again, I’m pretty sure it was probably something minor on your setup as it is with the vast majority of most setups. We have an excellent track record of getting most people going, it just takes a little patience on both ends. As I mentioned above we do typically get to most peoples questions within 24hrs, however, we do want to let people know that there could be a delay of 2-3 days especially over weekends and during peak seasons.

    I understand that people want very quick turnarounds on support, but with a free plugin that is not always possible as we do have to make a living just like you do with your web design business. Typically it is common courtesy in the WordPress community to reach out to the authors before issuing a one star, even if there is a delay in response time. This is especially true on a very complex piece of software. Again sorry if you ran into issues and hopefully you can give other plugin authors in the future a chance to help out before issuing them a one star 🙁


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