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  • Resolved Szyam


    OK, I had a theme I was building that I hard coded CPT’s into and its working fine, but I felt this plugin would offer myself and others a nice GUI for maintaining.

    I commented out the line in my functions that was importing my cpt.php file.

    After adding new cpt’s and taxonomy’s into my theme there working perfectly?

    In my theme had to change the line in my array from
    'custom_cat' => 'home-page-below', to 'placement' => 'home-page-below',
    ‘placement’ being what I called my taxonomy.

    I didn’t paste the code anywhere. Is this right? I’m usually a fan of if it’s not broke don’t fix it but I want to figure this out?

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  • Plugin Author Michael Beckwith


    Not quite following yet. It sounds like it’s working with minimal changes needed, but I may be reading wrong.

    The UI plugin does the registering for you of any taxonomies or custom post types, so using it shouldn’t require pasting any code anywhere. If you match up the slugs with what you originally had, then it should all fall back into place the way it was with your original code. Unregistering these don’t delete them from the database.

    If anything, pastebin your custom_cat/placement code so I can see what you mean with that part better.

    OK cool. I just needed clarification. I watched a couple tutorials that said to copy and past the code into your functions.php file. Obviously, since they were working fine w/o doing that I was confused.
    Cheers, great plugin!

    Plugin Author Michael Beckwith


    Yup, it does it on its own, but the “get code” feature is meant for those who want to move away from the plugin without losing the settings that they used.

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