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  • This plugin helped me debug some problems with REST requests on my site – it is really useful in that it logs everything, including the request, the request headers, the response body and the response headers. It is a lot of data though, especially if you are getting thousands of requests a day and need to run it for several days to debug, so beware. Make sure all that is deleted once you remove the plugin. Unfortunately, deleting the plugin does NOT delete the log data (which is kept in your wp_posts table) – that is quite annoying, please add a ‘delete log’ option!

    One minor bug, but an annoying one for debugging – any TABS in the response (e.g. I have JSON-encoded HTML in my response), i.e. ‘\t’ are rendered as ‘t’, so you get this: – I am sure that could be fixed easily. Actually, I don’t think it should be stripping the slashes like that, should it?

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