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  • This is a weird one…

    The Short Version
    I’ve deactivated WP File Monitor, but it continues to provide reports to me more than 10 days after I switched it off! The only possible culprit is WP Super Cache.

    I maintain several WP blogs under a “grid” server hosting plan and have been experimenting with getting optimal page render times. One of the biggest offenders in slowing my page load was the plug-in WP File Monitor, which would often and consistently delay page loads and was always one of the flagged items in the developer analysis tools of Apple’s Safari web browser.

    After switching to Donncha’s vaunted WP Super Cache I was still getting some delays, so I decided to go ahead and try things with WP File Monitor switched off and using Preload.

    It worked! Significantly faster load times!!

    As expected, the plug-in no longer showed up in the Timeline of Safari’s developer’s analysis tool… yet… imagine my surprise as reports continued to roll in over the next several weeks… plug-in updates, image uploads, sitemap rebuilds… and many other normal reports… from what I can only describe now as a “zombie” plug-in!!

    So, how did this happen?

    Has Super Cache cached the WP File Monitor process somehow?
    Has WP Minify frozen some sort of cron job in place?
    Is my server haunted?
    Is Donncha some kind of a witch doctor?

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  • Are the reports delivered by email? Maybe they were delayed by your mail server? If you’re worried, delete all trace of it from your servers and clear/refresh the Supercache cache.

    Yes, the reports are delivered by email, and I did at first suspect that they were delayed (as this was often the case with that plug-in) – however, if you’re in tune with the sorts of updates you’re making you recognize the reports being echoed back to you and these were all “fresh” updates it was sending to me.

    I had considered deleting the WP File Monitor plug-in and making some changes on the server to see what happens, but now that I *have* it working in a non-intrusive, magically zombified fashion I’m loathe to let it go away…. even for the sake of chasing down this bug.

    Still, maybe I should, “for science”, because I am worried at this black magic! How do you suppose this particular process was kept active after I had supposedly deactivated the plug-in? (yes, I quintuple-checked to makes sure that it was listed as “deactivated” before making this post)

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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