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  • Followup: <i>Hmmm, I have no idea how this happened, but in Firefox it appears that somehow a setting was changed to block images from my own domain. I right clicked where the banner image should have been and noticed the checkmark beside the option. Too strange.</i>

    A strange day here. Yesterday everything was tickety-boo and worked fine. The only unusual activity was an install of MS Office on my Powerbook, and removal of NeoOffice.

    This morning half of the images on the blog (including the banner) don’t display in Firefox, although some do.

    As well, when I went to make a post, in both Firefox and Safari, the editing button bar that should be across the top of the text edit window has disappeared.

    Everything looks fine on my PC.

    I’m guessing that MS Office nuked some setting in Firefox, or maybe the java on the Mac? Any ideas?


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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    It all looks good on your PC, so WP is intact.
    It doesn’t look so hot on the Mac.

    So it’s a Mac question – in a WordPress forum ?

    Or an MS Office on Mac – in a WordPress forum ?

    Or it’s something to do with Java …. which WP isn’t.

    I can’t quite see why you are posting here and not a Mac forum … not that you aren’t welcome in the hope that someone else has had the same effect, but I do hope we aren’t your only hope of troubleshooting this.

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