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  • I have been wanting to bypass HostGator’s SMTP for some time and use Zoho. I thought this plugin would be perfect for my needs, but the test email hung, and the SMTP server query still brought up HostGator’s servers instead of Zoho.

    Rather than go without email altogether as things are troubleshooted, it was better to just remove the plugin. There are many good reviews, so for many, it apparently works well–that was the reason I downloaded it and installed it. But it did not do the job for me, so I have to give it 1 star.

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  • Plugin Author Noor Alam


    Hi, I don’t see any post from you on the support forum. Using some unknow web host and then blaming on the plugin without ever troubleshooting it don’t really help other users.

    I do not have time to let my website sit for days with errors (and missed emails and lost productivity and sales) or take it offline just to wait to see if and/or when the plugin author would respond. It took him four days to respond to this review. There are several ongoing support issues in his forum that he has not responded to yet, and more than half of the support issues are marked as unresolved. That did not inspire any confidence to post in the support forum.

    Because email is critical to my online business (it is how my digital products are delivered to the paying customer) I didn’t have time to shut my website down for days (or perhaps weeks or months, given his lack of response to some issues) to wait to see if the author would even have the interest in responding, let alone fixing things.

    The plugin author claims that I am “Using some unknow[sic] web host.” I use HostGator. Hostgator is the second largest web hosting service in the United States (after GoDaddy) with over 400,000 customers and hosting over 9 million domains. SOURCE: The fact that the plugin author isn’t aware of the #2 web hosting company in the US (and the #5 web hosting company worldwide) is every troubling.

    I thought I was being even-handed and honest by saying that there are many good reviews and the plugin works for many. Yet the plugin author chose to go on the attack and “blame the victim” for the problem. That response, if I may use the words of the plugin author, also “don’t really help other users.”

    Another thing that “don’t really help other users” is lying in a review and saying that it’s great and always works fantastic when it doesn’t.

    I regret that my honest and truthful 1 star review is seen as “unhelpful” by the plugin author, but my situation is a real-world situation where the plugin might not “just work” out-of-the-box so others need to know that.

    I wish I could change this review to zero stars now.

    Plugin Author Noor Alam


    If you use such a good web host why are you even having this issue in the first place? If your host blocks all outgoing ports that connect to the SMTP server, no SMTP plugin in the world would be able to solve your issue. And thank you for taking the time to write an in-depth review.

    The plugin author is making assumptions that are blatantly incorrect.

    Hostgator was not blocking the outgoing ports that connect to the SMTP server.

    Before I tried his plugin, all of the automatic email on the website appeared to be coming from my administrator account on Hostgator instead of from my business email account set up on the website. I did not want this. I wanted the emails to appear to come from my website domain.

    I set up a business email account through Zoho, used their configuration, but after that, Hostgator was still sending automatic emails through their service.

    The plugin author’s claim is that his plugin is be able to redirect WordPress emails through any SMTP server.

    When I installed the plugin, the test email hung not just once, but three times and was never sent, and a MXTools check showed that Hostgator was still the SMTP server. So the author’s plugin not only failed to direct automatic email to the SMTP server I wanted to send it to, but it caused a critical failure by not sending any email whatsoever.

    I uninstalled the plugin and the behavior went back to sending properly through my administrator account, which was better than not sending email at all.

    I found a different plugin that worked absolutely perfectly the very first time, so the plugin author is once again wrong. He smugly said that *no* plugin would be able to solve my issue, but I found one that worked.

    The plugin author’s unresolved support issues in his forum, his four day delay in responding to a negative review, his subsequent condescending rudeness, his utter and complete lack of knowledge about webhosting services and his incredibly defensive attitude about his plugin combined with personal attacks tells me that he is a deeply troubled person, and I hope he gets counseling to deal with these things and become a better person.

    Until then, I wish I could change this review to negative stars.

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