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  1. trying to keep uo
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I am hosted over at Network solution and they have an open source enhancement which helps with WP install.
    I went up to the server and can see the file folder created in the root and do have publication.
    I even opened the folder and can see there is a blog PHP however in the midst of making sure the home or splash page is the one I wanted I then set Plantstay <-the site name with all the normal stuff you put on a Home page.
    But I think I lost my Blog page? Anyone help on where that button went off to? Or is it lost because I set the home page under settings?
    I thought to publish or create new page called Blog but it does not have any of the attributes that a Blog would have. Plus I did not want the Blog to come up when the URL is typed in I want the splash page to come up and I want the Blog to be in that site and not a seperate URL.
    I hope this made sense to someone and has a resource link or quick rundown on the area I am to delve around.
    It is real hard before it gets real easy---I am at the hard part LOL

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