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  • Hi everyone,

    My blog,, is currently running WP version 1.5.2. Recently I’ve discovered some strange referrals coming from google and msn searches. The cached page looks like this:

    Those keywords added to the top of the page (“soft crack opera”, “”, “Lexmark 615”, etc) are not supposed to be there.

    I have no idea how those search engines found that webpage because I cannot find such a page anywhere within my website.

    But since that’s happened, visitors can’t make comments on any of my blogs. If you click on the comment link it brings up the entry without any fields to make a comment. It also doesn’t display previous comments.

    Also, I had a photo gallery linked to on my WP blog ( that was running MG2. Since all this started, the photo gallery has stopped working. When I click on the clink, or type it in directly, all I get is:

    Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/alimattu/public_html/gallery/index.php on line 110

    Does anyone know what has happened? Have I been hacked?

    I’d like to take care of this situation before I upgrade to WP 2.0. I don’t want whatever is causing this to be included in the upgrade.

    I would greatly appreciate any help you could offer on this. Please let me know if you need any additional information.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • skippy



    The best solution would be to delete your files and drop your database; then restore everything from known good backups. This will take time, and be a big pain in the ass. Be sure to change your password(s), and remove any unnecessary plugins

    Thanks for your input skippy. I’ll probably end up doing just that. But do you have any idea how this might have happened, so I can take measures to make my database more secure?

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