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  • So I wanted a new URL for for my website, so I purchased another URL from GoDaddy and also a hosting package for it. I was told from someone (not an expert) that an easy way to do this is was to upload the same template to the new site, and then in the old site, go to Tools>Export All Content (which created a XML file), and then import that file into the new site. I did so and it seems to have imported all my old posts, files, images, etc from my old site, I only had to change some things around.

    I just have one concern since I am not very technical savvy. Is my new site still referencing the files from my old sites hosting/database? My old site is till active and I’m going to keep it up until my 1 year contract expires with GoDaddy. My only fear is that as soon as the old url/hosting goes away, that my new site will lose all the files. Is this the case, or does the Tools>Export/import method actually transfer over all files and everything? If someone could clarify this for me, I would very much appreciate it!!!

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  • Most likely not. But do you have a new url and old one to reference?

    David Somerfleck


    I haven’t done this in a few years, but from memory I do not believe the new site is still referencing the old site/database. In theory it should be that the files were transferred from one to another, so (and I’m not sure) there shouldn’t be a database with files in the old site to reference (since they were transferred). GoDaddy in my experience is great with hosting and most technical support, but not necessarily great with knowing how to trouble-shoot WordPress web dev issues. If your old site is still up, you can obviously check it for accuracy. Once the domain name expires, if you’re using GoDaddy as hosting provider, and you have deluxe hosting, the database will still be there, even if there is no domain name or URL connecting to it.

    Here’s the sites:

    Old Website

    New Website

    Please let me know!! Thanks!

    Thank you Sudden Impact. Can anyone verify for sure that all the files were transferred and that if my old site/datebase goes down, my current files/media won’t go down on my new site?

    David Somerfleck


    The easiest way takes longest, and that is to simply compare the new site to the old site. Odds are that if you see most of the pages in the new one transferred over, the rest are also there. If you want to be 100% certain, I’d contact a local WordPress developer with a very pronounced background in databases (probably MySQL/Linux as I’m guessing that’s what you used). But, again, if most of the files are there, you’re probably covered.

    And every time you make more than a few changes, back that new database up if you’re using GoDaddy. If you have a deluxe account you should also get free database backups, but you have to navigate the rough terrain of GoDaddy’s site taxonomy and back up the database yourself. Once you find the right section to get to Databases, then MySQL, and then the backup page, it only takes a few seconds. Every time I make more than 2 to 3 changes on my own site (or major changes) I back it up manually. BlueHost (I’m told) automatically backs up a database but I’d still prefer to do it manually just to be sure.

    If your old site is nuked, it should not have anything to do with your newer site. They may exist on the same shared servers, but GoDaddy will almost certainly have a back-up and restore it to whatever was there before anything would’ve occured (and it’s happened to me), and again, if the newer site looks pretty much the same as the older one, I’d bet your covered. Also, the older site will exist on a different database (unless you’ve done something completely Jedi and learned how to co-opt a database for two or more sites, which I haven’t seen yet and you didn’t indicate you have done) than the newer one.

    Hope that helps!

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