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  • Ok I just did my first post. (the webdesigners set up wordpress for me when they created the site)

    It’s pretty cool for a newbie to write something and see it show up on my site 1 minute later! 2 quick questions, any help would be appreciated.

    1. I created my post using the “Visual” setting since html knowledge is zero. In the visual box everything looks great – subtitles in my post are all bolded and underlined, etc. But when I do the “View This Post” the subtitle underlining is gone, all text is bold making it difficult to read. Am I doing something wrong – was under the impression that how things appeared in the visual window are how they appear after posting….not true.

    2. I wanted to link a specific word in my post to a specific page in my site. I highlighted the word, used the “insert link” function and set it up. After finishing it looks like a clickable link in the visual screen but again, when posted it doesnt look like a clickable link. (if I point my mouse arrow at the specific word I can tell it is a link but nobody can tell it is a link since it is not in a different color and is not underlined like a typical link.

    Any coaching for a newbie would really be appreciated!

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  • Well first, you don’t need to know HTML to do it under that. I would clear it out of visual and go to the HTML tab. Just write it as usual using the link box and bold box that I think are

  • and B – just highlight what you want bolded and click bold… kind of like MS Word. For link you just leave the cursor where you want to link and just plug in the info. I often have trouble with the visual mode, and the HTML mode is just as easy to use. Try that and see if it works.

THanks, I tried that and posted again. (completely removed text from visual tab, put it into HTML tab, used the Bold function like MS Word, inserted the link)

Unfortunately it came up the same way when I click “View This Post” or save it and upload it…everything is still bolded, the link works but isnt a different color and underlined like you expect a link to.

Any other suggestions?

Any help would be appreciated.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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