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  • A couple of comments to address previous reviewers who couldn’t get it to work:

    1) Make sure that you know how to work with svg files. You may need to edit your svg’s in Adobe Illustrator (or another vector program) so that the actual vector drawing covers most of the artboard (i.e. touches top/bottom if portrait svg or left/right if landscape svg). I use this plugin to display vector icons and standardized my artboard size to be 50px x 50px (widthxheight) with (x, y) set to (25px, -25px). That way, when I select the icon from the WP media library, using this widget, I can apply the same styling (notably sizing/width and padding) across all of my icons.


    2) The vector image will not be viewable within the Elementor editor. You need to view the page.

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