Did all things necessary after migrating, but not working fine (3 posts)

  1. iceq
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hi everyone.

    I created a new WP locally, using Webmatrix.
    It is meant to replace another WP installation that already existed in my hosting account.
    1- After I finished I uploaded the files to the directory that has my live WP, that is "DOMAIN.com/MAIN (because I want WP to have its own directory, not to dwell directly inside public_html).The new files replaced the old ones.
    2- I opened config.php and updated the names of the database and the user and password to match them in the DB that is already existing.
    3- I imoprted the DB after I edited it with Notepad ++ and changed all "localhost:xxxx" with "DOMAIN.COM".
    The import involved dropping all existing tables.
    4- Then I found the Home url in the databse and changed it into "DOMAIN.com/main".
    5- Now visiting DOMAIN.com OR DOMAIN.com/MAIN shows the website without any theme at all only texts.. visiting DOMAIN.com/MAIN/PAGE1 gives error 404.
    Visiting DOMAIN.com/wp-admin OR DOMAIN.com/MAIN/wp-admin gives 404 as well.

    What did I miss ?

  2. There was an issue yesterday on the forum with someone working with Webmatrix and Justin provided an answer - http://wordpress.org/support/topic/inheriting-wordpress-site?replies=10#post-2613449
    with a link to the Webmatrix forum.

    Maybe he would know how to help.

    I've looked at your steps and it all looks good to me, but I'm not familiar with Webmatrix. :(

  3. iceq
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Thanx Christine. You can totally ignore Webmatrix.. I have basically created a WP installation on my local server then migrated it.. and I am not able to get the site live fine afterwards. BTW, that "tomfregly" .. what a silly arrogant man !! I was outraged reading his posts !
    ( you dont have to relate to this in ur next reply )

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