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    I’m trying to remove the option to “register” users from the top of my magazine basic theme. I have searched the forums and found a bunch of dead ends and unanswered posts asking the same question. So, I’m bringing it up again. Help is appreciated. Thanks 🙂

    ps – if it’s the removal of code in header or some other php file, I’d need to see exactly what that code is.


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  • Dont’t hack your code if you don’t need to, use css, post a link to your site, this is probably easy.

    I’m going to use a browser add-on called Firebug which works in the Mozilla Firefox browser. I reccomend getting it, easy to learn.

    But only if we have linkage…

    Firebug is great. if you’re a Mac user and prefer Safari, its Web Inspector is built in, easier to use, and almost as powerful. I use both. The IE developer tools are similar but harder to use, however the IE9 versions lets you emulate IE 6-8, so I use it too, under Fusion and duress.

    I just discovered the ie9 version, seems almost identical to Firebug but not familiar enough yet to reccomend it.

    My site is

    I don’t see what a browser add on has to do with it though?

    well then, maybe this will show you:

    #login a {
            display: none;

    took me about 20 seconds.
    Put at the bottom of style.css, then get Firebug.

    A very quick and highly over simplified explanation:

    The code in your template files is wrapped in <div> tags, each with a specific identifier (ie: <div class=”padder”>).

    Your site’s visual style elements are determined by the style.css file, it references these div tags so that where ever the tags appear, a visual style is applied to whatever is in the tag. So it applies a global style, depending on the div.

    So, your login code in the header probably has something like

    <div class”login”> or maybe <div id=”login”>

    before it, and


    after it to end the style, so it’s not applied to other stuff in the page.

    This means, you can do stuff with your login output, change it, or hide it, ..if you know how your css refers to it. In your case,

    #login a {
            display: none;

    When you install Firebug, open your site in Firefox, right click on the part you want to change, select “inspect element”’ll see your css code displayed at the bottom of your screen for the element you clicked. Change the code right there, get a preview, copy the code, paste it into style.css.

    hope that helps get you going:)

    Thanks deepbevel! I got it. I’ll also check out firebug. I had a bunch of spammers and a few legit folks registering as users even though it allows them nothing – I use disqus comments. Now, maybe they won’t do that so much.

    Good luck with Firebug. It will change your life.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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