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  • wordpress: 4.9.5
    bbpress: 2.5.14
    buddypress: 2.9.4

    I’m looking for recommendations for dice roller plugins that work with the latest versions of wordpress, buddy press and bbpress.

    Ive actually been very surprised by the lack of a reliable dice roller plugin.

    The purpose of the dice roller would be for use in PLAY BY POST role playing games where users can roll their choice of dice in the forums either as part of their post or as a seperate post.

    It is integral that the dice result NOT be able to be changed by refreshing the page.

    I had a similar mod working with phpbb/tiny portal forum a few years back that worked perfectly, even with the dice roll not being able to be edited. (if the post was edited – the dice roll even came with a tag saying the post had been edited and the dice roll may have been changed)

    I have been trying a few of the wordpress dice rollers without luck but I will post replies here with what went wrong with them.

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  • I’m also highly interested in this, I’ve been searching high and low for bbpress dice roller that actually works for a play by post campaign, however, I am yet to find one.

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    buddypress group dice works in forums that are attached to buddypress groups but not to forums that are only linked to bbpress.

    I don’t think it would take much to fix that.

    The author of the plugin hasn’t worked on it for 7 years or been active for 5 or so.

    Once I clear my plate a bit, I might get something organised. Being able to add modifiers to the dice rolls would be nice too.

    the best part about buddypress group dice plugin is that the rolls can’t be edited.

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    After searching for weeks I’ve given up and made one to suit my needs. Can’t figure how to add modifiers to the roll using the plugin though – I lack the skill 😀

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