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  • ^^ Looks obvious. I’m moving from d-x to WP and have almost three year’s worth of entries to move… Would be nice if I didn’t have to do them manually. Any hope for me?

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  • Does diary-x have the ability to export as RSS ?

    Yup, does diary-x have a page that describes how it works? What are the export formats for diary-x?

    None of the above that I know of. D-x doesn’t have any features for its users to export or download the diary. I was kinda hoping it was a sort of ‘sting and suck it all out’ sort of operation… Rats!

    Have you tried emailing them to request a text dump of your diary?

    No, I didn’t, because I know the site admin (there’s only one) won’t be able to. d-x is getting really big and he’s only one guy who doesn’t have barely enough time to take care of it all.
    ^^ It’s okay. I’m going to do it manually so that I can save my comments (third-party system) and have the chance to ditch some of the more useless entries… But thanks for the suggestions!

    Apparently Diary-x now provide some kind of export feature. I’m setting up a WordPress for a friend who has given me a zipfile worth of content. If successful at writing a script to import, I’ll post here again.
    – Andy

    Has there been any more information on this? I also have something like three years worth of entries to transfer over and I’m not looking forward to doing it by hand!!

    Hi Idaho
    I did actually write a script which worked for me, though I didn’t go to any extra lengths to make it public because I really need some more test data to make sure it’s going to work for everyone.
    If you are able to send me your Diary-X dump I’ll be happy to look at it. Email andy [at} rebroken d0t org.
    – Andy

    For now, if anyone wants their Diary-X journal converted to WordPress, email me, because I have a script that seems to work fine. I’ll also try and put it on the web at some point but because (a) the files can get pretty big and (b) there’s instructions to write it’ll be clumsy. 😉

    andy [at} rebroken d0t org

    Well guys, the owner of Diary-X managed to lose the one hard drive that had everything d-x related on it, and it seems he hasn’t done backups since December 2004.

    I’m converting lots of people to WordPress just now, but it’d be really nice to have a utility that would allow people to import their Diary-X backups into WordPress. <nudge,nudge,wink,wink>

    First version of the public Diary-X to WordPress converter: 🙂

    – Andy

    I wrote a simple Diary-X to RSS2 converter in Python. This can be used to convert entries from an exported Diary-X zip file into RSS 2.0 file that can be imported into WordPress or other weblog programs.

    Warning: Not yet suitable for non-geeks. This script requires Python and PyRSS2Gen. It is a very basic command-line program. I wrote this for a friend, and I’ve made the source available in case anyone else wants to use or modify it. Maybe someone will take the time to make it more user-friendly or create a WordPress import plugin based on it.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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