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  • You know diacritics, right? Letters like é,á,ü,ş,ă,î. I am a Hungarian living in Romania so I use them a lot. But I suppose Italians, Frenchmen etc. use them a lot also 😛

    So, what would I request? That TinyMCE would automatically convert these letters to their proper form. So that “é” for example shows up in the code like é.

    Why would this be important?

    1. If people don’t have their browser encoding-setting set the right way, if an “é” occures in the code, all they will get is a box/questionmark (depending on IE/Mozilla). But if the web coding of the character appears, it will show up the same in all cases.

    2. MySQL dump + query. For backup and restore that is. With the ampersand-code-semicolon the dump would be clean. With the diacritics as they are the dump is NOT clean and I lost my whole blog backup because of this.

    Ok, so, when would it be ready? 😀

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  • pardon me, my example got parsed… I am refeering to web encoding as to this form: & eacute ;

    (written in one piece of course)

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