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  • So i have a premade theme ive been working on. I can code it to my likings but when i use device switcher plugin, i upload two version of wordpress. they will be variants of directory names with – mobile on the end of them. I have uploaded brand new copies of my theme and the device version and regular website viewing template have the exact same information. I can separate the theme to twenty-twelve and it works on mobile but even then the information is passed on. How do i separate these two instances of wordpress!

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  • You can currently view the issue im having at

    if viewed on desktop its one version, viewed on phone its a different template. SAME information. I need to seperate the info so i can start coding phone templates.


    @arobertson88 – in the future please post your questions in the plugin forum (

    Per your question, it’s up to you to modify your themes to display the content you want. I.e. you may wish to use code that loads smaller images, or use the_excerpt() instead of the_content() or you may wish to create a completely custom theme that scales down perfectly for handheld devices. This plugin simply delivers the theme you select, it’s up to you to build the themes to do what you want.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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