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  • I am extremly interested in writing a WordPress video gallery that uses local video, Google Video, and YouTube Video. I would like it to be used on sites ranging from personal to professional. If you did film for a living it would make a great showcase for your work, or maybe you just video blog and want to host your videos elsewhere.

    The videos would need categories, much like your journal entries all have a category, or multiple categories.

    So if you made film they could be “horror” and “comedy” and if you were a blogger they could be “videoblog” and “video critiques”. or something like that.

    I am looking for any ideas and features everyone would want in something like this. RSS feeds? MySql Backend? What do wordpress users NEED from this plugin.

    Blog support? as in a simple way of linking the video into a blog with either a link, or the player.

    How should Thumbnails be handled? Would you like to create a thumbnail for each video yourself. Or just use the first frame of the video?

    What format do you belive need to be supported?

    Sidebar “random” or “newest” video thumbnail?

    It will all come from the basic work in The Extreme Video Plugin but it needs to extend into a gallery now.

    I truely invision it being the Falbum of Video Galleries.

    So please let me know what everyone would like in this plugin and I will attempt to break it down.

    Currently I am thinking:
    -Hosting anywhere (local, google, yourtube.. etc)
    -Local MySql Backend for Organization
    -Admin Interface for Adding Videos to MySql
    -Category based (like Falbum)
    -Friendly URL’s (like Falbum)
    -Blog access in one simple line
    -RSS feed’s
    -MOV and FLV Support
    -Customizable Flash FLV Player
    -Customizeable Sidebar Add-Ons (random, newest, popular)

    Any Help?

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  • Sounds like a very good idea! If anything you should just take apart a few of the existing gallery plugins, maybe even look at Gallery2 which has probably all of the features you’d ever need – and take the best bits from each. You obviously like Falbum so maybe you should look at that for starters. I know this might not be that good an example but maybe you could use something similar to the posting method that Structured Blogging implements. Just some ideas? One think I think would be good would be support for files without forcing you top upload (like many gallery style things do) because then you can just stick a URL in there which is easier.

    Sounds a brilliant idea, just what I am searching for happy to do any testing! A good gallery frontend like fablum is essential to me.

    Loads of plugins for vlogging and moblogging simply put content into posts its hard as hell to find a proper galley interface for videos.

    I would like the option of selecting different sources in the same site so I could have for flv movies I host myself or for videos I have hosted on other sites e.g. vsocial. These could be separate albums?

    A way to paste videos into posts as well as having the gallery would be good just like falbum and the wordpress flickr bar from tantan noodles site.

    You have the issue of thumnails with videos not sure how you could cope with that? Have you seen mefeedia they seem to have addressed that issue.

    It would be great also to have a dedicated vidoeblog so that each category could be display on a seperate page
    accessible for the sidebar and the front page hold the arhive of video sets as thumnails like falbum that on click load the page of the videos?

    Email me if you like I am keen to see this!

    Can’t wait for this to happen. What a great idea.

    New NEW NEW idea 🙂

    With the release of the Yahoo UI Toolkit. I am starting to lean towards the idea of writing a plugin to use the toolkit, and using some ajax and fancy javascript from the toolkit to make this plugin easy to administrate.

    Any comments on this? Big nono for the wordpress world?

    Also I am in the planning stages of a centralized organization setup. I have big ideas for this, cant really dig into them all right now.

    I have started working with Red Films Ltd. A Local Chicago Production Company. With them we will start pushing a REAL Film and Video gallery.

    Not only will this gallery be able to stand alone, it will will have a very simple plugin to wordpress. I want the plugin to be hard core enough to work for the largest production company and scale down to the lonely Video Blogger.

    I apologize for the randomness of the post, but i do promise it is being worked on, and NEW things are to come of it.

    The main thing is this is going to be far more then a plugin now, it is reaching out to be a full film/video organization and display system.

    its gonna be cool. I will post links to new things shortly!!!

    I am going to start a production journal soon for this project, most likely at the Red Films site. As most of my work will be with there organization and film setup.

    I will also be looking here for how people would like to use this system. Not only to post videos in your blog, display a gallery, any other uses you could see?

    Let me know!


    Perhaps you could take a look at Plogger. It’s going to be imho the best gallery plugin for WordPress. It’s still in its beta versions, lots of options but still very clean and compact, and will feature the same kind of options for template use as WordPress has.

    I installed one of the latest nightlies in my site, so you can see what it can look like. The popups are created with Ajax. Mine do not scale, but a future version offers the option of resizing the popup window so it will always fit your browserwindow.

    It would be great if it could also offer albums with videos. Perhaps you could take a look and discuss that option over there as well?


    Thats a very cool project, but I dont want to sound like i am creating a hosting gallery, OR source code to be downloaded to function as a whole galley.

    Please think of this as a system in which to organize all your media, and API’s to pull that information. I am sorry for being vague about everything, but it will all make more sense when I get the beta site up.

    Anyways just know it will be a simplistic way to organize and integrate all your images, videos, and possibly music regardless of where you store them.

    Cool Stuff i promise 😉

    Hi! Any update on this? Can’t wait to see this…
    One thing to keep in mind for a WP plugin is theme integration… FAlbum is cool but it’s a ( headache to integrate on some themes… I’ve got installs/themes where it just worked like a charm out of the box, and on some others I simply couldn’t make it work…


    What happens with this project stoped?

    Sorry guys. I have been extremly busy with a new job. This project is very much alive. First stop, You tube basic video gallery… i have great plans.. will be extremly easy 🙂 go make youtube accounts… 😉

    Secondly there willl be a new plugin.. cant really talk to much about it. Cause the site that will power it, is being built right now. Needless to say… I have amazing plan for the site, and cool plugins to make. I will be cracking on them soon. Hope to get something out there.

    Thanks for keeping up with me. I really hope i make something everyone will enjoy!!

    Thanks for the update! Looking forward to it.

    One thing that came to mind as a feature : some kind of “BlogVid” bookmarlet, in the vein of that would automatically take proper data, create a new post and insert string in it.


    Hey guys Sorry I have fallen off the planet, but I have some updates and information here on my site

    Please check it out, and let me know if there are more things your looking for. I am exicted to get this out there, and see how people use it!!

    I have got the gallery working and it looks great except for the fact that none of my videos are displaying the thumbnails, just a white box with an X. Please, someone help me!! They work, just no thumbnails.

    Any updates on this? I’d really like to have this plugin.

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