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  1. kiets
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Unlike other eCommerce plugins, which has a lot of community development such as: hacks, plugins, add-ons, modules; cart66 has none. The reason being they do not fulfill any feature requests by the community.

    They have an update once every 4 months or so, and it just says:


    Not to mention its mostly to do with something trivial like a "," or "." or some special character, or again... "live rates" or whatever that nobody even uses.

    You rarely see any


    See for yourself: http://cart66.com/latest-cart66/

    And keep in mind this is the PRO version.
    The Lite version hasn't got any "*New" for over a year probably.

    You will end up paying programmers for the very basic add-on features you want.

  2. sunlitlaz
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I don't know what you think you are looking at, but the last point release alone (that's going from to had 21 items posted with five (5) being NEW, six (6) being UPDATED, and ten (10) being FIXED ... and that's just for a measly point release.

    The Lite (thus FREE) version had almost as many items listed for the same version point release, and the only reason it had less from what I can tell is that it simply doesn't have all the same features as the PRO version.

    Plus, I went to install this from within WordPress, and when I searched for "cart66" at the "Install Plugins" page, several plugins that support and expand the FREE and PRO versions of Cart66 were listed right under it.

    Stop spreading FUD man. What, do you work for a competitor or something?

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