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  • Plugin Author Lewis Rosenthal


    As of 2014-03-15, features added to the development version since the last release version are:

    • Added version string to db.
    • Added ability to create custom HTML footer.
    • Do not fire when not updating a post/page.
    • Added page size, unit of measurement, and orientation options, with defaults set for US Letter size, millimeters, and portrait orientation.
    • Added option to completely suppress the header.
    • Added options to set left & right, top, header top, and footer margins.
    • Try to discern image alignment from CSS and set it into HTML when handing the data to TCPDF.
    • Replace non-rendering image format (currently, SVG) with placeholder text.
    • Beginning of support for PDF forms (fill-in documents).
    • Reworked admin UI.
    • New shortcodes to set LTR/RTL text direction ([wpptopdfenh_rtl]/[/wpptopdfenh_rtl] and [wpptopdfenh_ltr]/[/wpptopdfenh_ltr])
    • New shortcode to insert other TCPDF options directly into HTML ([wpptopdfenh_opts]).

    Note that this is not an exhaustive list, but I will try to keep it updated as features are added. Also note that in development builds, some of these features may either not be fully functional or may not be functional at all. Feedback is appreciated, as I can’t possibly test under every given set of circumstances.

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  • Plugin Author Lewis Rosenthal


    Added the ability to render a custom image for bulleted list items (vs the standard text bullet). The image should be uploaded to the /uploads directory, but may be any name. Supported file types are JPG and PNG, with the former being the default (we are not presently discerning this from the filename; use the dropdown to specify the file type).

    The width and height of the image may be constrained, as well, to better fit the sizing of the fonts in use and the image. Just specify them in units (the specified measurement – px, mm, in, etc.) will be applied to the value.

    I’m interested in feedback as to how this works in practice, especially with regard to:

    • Admin UI: the hardcoding of the upload location and the ability to enter just a filename. Perhaps the entire path should be editable. This will impact how I change the logo file entry box, as well.
    • Admin UI: the placement of the options within the Body settings section vs creating a new section for Elements. This section, with the inclusion of the CSS box and the margin settings, is getting kind of long in the tooth, methinks.
    • Front end: whether there is a great need to provide a shortcode to override the default setting in the admin panel. I’m thinking that this flexibility would be desirable, though I have not yet thought much about it.

    Thanks, as always, for constructive feedback and testing. More to come.

    Plugin Author Lewis Rosenthal


    1.1.0b20140425 (svn rev 936249):

    Still working on a smooth upgrade function to add settings to the wp_options table while preserving what’s already been set. Why is adequate documentation on handling this so hard to find?

    1. Fix: this build fixes a nasty bug which crept in resulting in failure to render the PDF when the header logo image was enabled (TCPDF error: could not get image size).
    2. Front end: added the ability to set the colors for the header & footer text & separator (or make the separator lines completely invisible). This feature is not currently enabled, as we have no color picker to add to the admin UI, yet.
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