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    hey everyone,

    thanks for taking a look at my post.

    I am working on updating my site, and to do so I have setup a sub-domain, and installed a copy of the original site, along with all the same database files.

    my original site is, and the development site is

    my question is in regards to updating the original site with the development site (once I am done with the changes) in order to basically erase the old site, and only show the new one?

    would it be as simple as copying over all the wp-content files with the updated ones, and then deleting the original database and installing the new, updated one?

    thank you for your time and help!

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  • My suggestion would be to move your original site to (or a subfolder, if you prefer) and your new site to (www.) by following the “Moving_WordPress_Within_Your_Site” instructions here:

    In your case, there should only be three steps for each Move:
    (1) Move the files (the entire WordPress folder, not just wp-content)
    (2) Change wp-config.php
    (3) Change the URI (in the database, which can be done through the Admin panel) for the Blog and WordPress’s files

    Don’t change which database each uses. For example, when you move to, the database used by… will now be used by….

    thank you!



    we’re looking at taking the same approach but with one difference. The current site is using mySql 4.x and the updated site will use 5.0. Will this make a difference? Thanks for your help.

    No, the same approach will work when a MySQL version change is involved. But you probably want to do a little more testing just after making the move, to be sure that everything works as you expect, especially plug-ins.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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